A French Model Spills the Secrets to Effortless Beauty


Miu Miu

When I met up with French actress and Miu Miu ambassador Stacy Martin to talk all things beauty, I didn't expect we'd be swapping tips with one another. Typically when I interview a celebrity, I sit back, nod my head, and add a response here and there (or occasionally blurt out something I think is funny and hope for the best), but this was very much a volley of sorts. She even asked me for product advice at one point (whaaaat?).

Perhaps it's her French-girl nature; Martin embodies all the aspects of being a chic French influencer in Hollywood: She's stylish, she's forthright in her answers, and she's a minimalist. So much in regards to the latter that she shrugs off questions about her haircare routine (she's never once dyed it!) and her makeup application. One thing she's a bit more invested in both product- and time-wise: skincare. Keep scrolling to learn all of her secrets.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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