25 Actually Chic St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Designs (No Shamrocks Involved)

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While there are many ways to show your spirit on St. Patrick's Day, some are undoubtedly more chic than others. If you're looking for a subtle way to wear green that makes a statement without overpowering your look, consider some tasteful St. Paddy's nail art you'll want to keep wearing even after the festivities are over.

In search of sophisticated nail art that could carry us throughout the month of March (and beyond), we scoured Instagram and turned to unreal creations from South Korea's premier nail artist, Eunkyung Park, along with picks from Paintbox, Olive & June, and more.

Ahead, you'll find 25 of the most gorgeous green creations Instagram has to offer, all of which pull double duty as the perfect adornment for the holiday.

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Confetti Details

Bring the party with this gold confetti design paired with an appropriate dose of neon green.

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Contrasting Tips

Add some color to your mani with this modern French creation sporting all the colors of the rainbow.

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Graphic Accents

The jade green nails in this set are offset by graphic accents in black, white, and gold—creating a look that's both sophisticated and exciting.

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Muted Neutrals

Avoiding a pinch on St. Paddy's Day doesn't require going all green. This sage and nude design fits the bill while remaining neutral and minimalist.

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Gold Lines

Green and gold just go together. Pair them with negative space and opposite finishes and you have yourself a swoon-worthy mani your friends will want to copy.

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Emerald Tips with a Champagne Swish

There's no denying our love of negative space nail designs. Despite not covering the entire nail, they always manage to make one of the most major statements. Case in point: These green and silver nails by Paintbox.

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Gold Foil Flecks

Each of these evergreen nails has a swipe of gold for just enough allure to demand the attention of any onlookers.

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Shimmering Green Tips

If glitter is always met with a green light in your book, this shimmery nail idea will be right up your alley. To create it, paint your tips green and top them off with a fine glitter topcoat.

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Matte Moment

Can we all take a minute to appreciate these monochrome matte nails? With a matte sage base and glossy evergreen tips, they're undoubtedly eye-catching.

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Greenish Gold

These negative space nails look green in some light and gold in others. Either way, that makes them a perfect match for St. Paddy's Day (and beyond, of course).

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Kelly Green Cuties

Sometimes a must-try green nail design is as simple as a coat of the classic color topped off with a single white dot at each cuticle. Don't you think? Add a teeny metallic ball for extra depth.

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Dark Green Digits

These dark green nails remind us of exclamation points, which makes sense considering they excite us. Plus, negative space always wins. Luckily for us, they're easy to recreate with the help of a fine-bristled nail brush dipped into each color.

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Turquoise Flecks

This greenish-blue manicure immediately grabbed our attention. The diamond-shaped turquoise flecks are to thank for that.

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Evergreen and Taupe

If you're looking for a green nail design that works as well for St. Paddy's Day as it does during the dead of winter, this dark and moody option will do the trick.

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Mint Green Tips

Classic French manicures are having a major moment, though they often are reimagined for today. Hence this ultra-thick French design that swaps white for pastel mint.

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Abstract Designs

If the idea of a primarily-green nail look doesn't suit you, consider this bright abstract idea. With little rhyme or reason to the design, it manages to be a mani we want to copy ASAP.

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Glitter Accent Nails

Green is a gorgeous color all on its own, but sometimes it needs a little boost to create a truly double-tap-worthy nail look. That's why we're all about this green and silver glitter mani—which, BTW, is very easy to DIY. Simply paint three nails the green color of your choice and the remaining two a finely-milled silver glitter shade.

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Matte Turquoise

For those of you that prefer lighter, brighter green shades, we offer this turquoise option. To create the look, use striping tape and paint varying lengths of each nail to accomplish the negative space appeal. Finish with a matte topcoat to avoid any shine.

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Neon Green Ombre

Intimidated by neon green? A negative space ombre design offers a subtle approach to the bold hue.

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Matte Neon

Another fun lime option is to layer your bright base with white feminine details. To do so you'll need a safety pin or toothpick to achieve the ultra-fine lines. Don't forget to finish with a matte topcoat.

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Gold Webbing

Hoping to make more of an artistic masterpiece with your nails? Add a layer of Pollock-like paint in a contrasting color.

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Jade Mani

Sure, jade rollers are forever recommended for skincare routines, but we're here to tell you that the gem is just as gorgeous when incorporated into nailcare. To DIY this jade look, paint your nails a sage hue and use a toothpick to trace little white lines on top to create a semi-marbled look. While still wet, apply the topcoat to blur the lines for the final look.

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Contrasting Greens

Pairing light and dark green polishes for a high-contrast green nail look is always an option—and an easy one, at that. Start by painting your nails dark green. Next, use a toothpick or striping brush to gently paint squiggles of light green polish across each nail. Finish with the clear topcoat of your choice.

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Geometric Chic

Using varying green shades in combination with white can make for a fun geometric end look. Your best bet in copying this look to a tee is to ask a manicurist to do it for you at your next nail appointment.

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Evergreen Split

Leave it to celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein to create a swoon-worthy nail look that doesn't even require fully-painted nails. To recreate the chic mani, paint some nails fully and use nail tape on others to split each down the middle and confine color to one side.

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