Here's Proof St. Patrick's Day Makeup Doesn't Have to Be Cheesy

Whether you’re looking to be festive or just trying to avoid getting pinched, you are likely planning to wear green on March 17. Instead of opting for the obvious and sporting an emerald-colored shirt like everyone else, we encourage you to mix it up this holiday with a less traditional yet equally celebratory dose of green via these St. Patrick’s Day makeup looks.

We will come up with just about any excuse to experiment with a new beauty look, and thanks to St. Patrick’s Day, we have all the more reason to play around with green makeup. While the hue may not be an everyday staple, it is a great way to mix up your beauty routine, as just a smidge of jade eyeliner can turn a traditional smoky eye into an exceptionally gorgeous piece of art. For swoon-worthy makeup looks befitting St. Patrick’s Day, click through the slideshow below.