Make a Timeless Modern Statement with These Square-Toe Shoes

Nostalgic and high-fashion in all the right ways.

square toe shoes

Getty Images/Edward Berthelot

Square-toed shoes have been a major part of fashion for centuries. We’ve seen them in many different forms, from sandals to boots and everything in between. The style has its own allure, reminding us of the '90s in the best way possible. Whenever we can’t decide what to wear and it feels too hot to get dressed, square-toed sandals come to the rescue; when we need cold-weather style, square-toed boots are the answer. In reality, who needs rounded toes when you can wear something that feels unique and like a veritable style statement? Square-toed shoes are nostalgic and high-fashion in all the right ways and when wearing them, we never fail to get the standout confidence boost we've been looking for.

While square-toed shoe styles have made a major resurgence in fashion over the past five years, they've been around for ages. One of the earliest examples is from Japanese culture, dating back to 300 B.C. But while it may be impossible to attach an absolute origin date to the traditional sandal-like footwear, this style is undoubtedly timeless, having made it through a plethora of eras and sure to be seen for many years to come.

Ready to find the best pair for you? You're in luck, as this covetable footwear option comes in variations to fit every aesthetic and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about four of our favorite types of square-toed shoes, as well as some pairs to shop now.

Square-Toed Sandals

Square-toed sandals are a trend that just keeps going. Brands like By Far, Bottega Veneta, and Cult Gaia have continuously shown this style throughout the seasons, and we really can’t get enough of the simple yet modern statement these shoes tend to make. Whether you’re going out for a garden party or just walking around the house, you can definitely make square-toed sandals a staple in your closet. Pair yours with a midi skirt or jeans, and you’re ready to hit the town.

Square-Toed Sneakers

Square-toed sneakers are pretty hard to come by, so once you find them you definitely won’t want to let go. While this practically goes without saying, sneakers are such an important part of any wardrobe that it’s fun to own several different styles to switch it up. When it’s super hot in the summer and you need some comfy shoes to wear for walking around, try one of these for the ultimate practical statement.

Square-Toed Boots

Boots are a fun fashion choice all year round, made more unique with a square shape and creative styling. Have you tried square-toed boots with a mini dress yet? If not, we think you should. These shoes might be a bit of a funky look, but we say you should go for it anyway—there’s so many different styles that you’ll definitely find one you like.

Square-Toed Flats

When you can’t figure out what shoes to wear, square-toed flats are a foolproof option to choose. Both lower to the ground and more comfortable than most, these are some of the most timeless shoes you can own. Whether you’re wearing them with straight leg jeans and a plain T-shirt or pairing them with a blazer and dress, flats truly go with everything, making them a wardrobe staple that has a place in every closet.

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