10 Spring-Inspired Gradient Nail Looks to Try Right Now

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Once spring starts, we can finally shed the various layers of scarves, sweaters, and jackets, and turn our attention to bright makeup, trying fresh new hairstyles, and painting our nails with the season's trendiest shades. In years past, we've undergone full-on beauty renaissances. The past couple of years, however, we've stuck to one central nail trend that can now be seen all year-round: gradient nails. While it's not so much a renaissance as it is a continuation, there's no doubting that we're in love with the timeless mismatched look.

So what are gradient nails (aka multi-colored and rainbow nails)? They involve painting each nail a slightly different shade of a similar color, or an entirely different color altogether. If you choose pink, for example, you might paint the first nail a soft and powdery hue. The second nail might be ballerina pink, and so on, until you end with a bold shade of fuchsia. Or, you could paint one nail pink, one nail green, and so on, until you're wearing the rainbow on your fingertips. With 10 fingers and 10 toes, you can channel every color of the spectrum (and then some). Whatever you choose, you can expect the end look to be surprisingly chic—albeit quirky and colorful.

If you're hesitant to hop on the bandwagon, we're here to help. Ahead you'll find 10 eye-catching takes on our favorite nail trend for spring and beyond.

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Pretty Pastels

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Pastels


If you didn't believe us before, this picture will change your mind. The muted pastels all but scream springtime while complementing any and every color you wear. This set of multicolored nails looks especially chic when paired with gold accessories and fresh-faced hair and makeup. To get a similar, cooler-toned result, try Olive & June's Blue Jeans Kit ($40), which includes two shades of blue, lavender, white, and a topcoat.

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Bright and Light

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Easter Egg Pastels


If you prefer the boldest and brightest pastels, then mimic this Easter egg mani. Use candy-colored shades of robin-egg blue, sunshine yellow, and bubblegum-pink polishes to replicate this look. After each layer of polish dries, follow it up with a high-shine topcoat for the utmost vibrancy and light reflection.

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Classic Colors

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Classic Colors


Pick out your favorite blue, red, and yellow polish and paint them on each nail, one by one. Once the polish is dry, be sure to layer a shiny top coat over each nail to replicate this enviable and eye-catching gleam. We like using CND's Super Shiny Top Coat ($9), since it seals nail color with scratch and UV-resistant shine.

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Shades of Green

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Green


Slime green nails are one of the buzziest trends on social media (there's even a hashtag on Instagram). Combine that trend with the polychromatic trend by opting for this muted avocado-inspired manicure. We love how the shades of green are accented with a surprising pop of bright yellow.

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Watermelon Pop

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Watermelon


Manicurists at Shoreditch Nails, a popular nail salon in East London, are also privy to this springtime nail trend. We like how the salon utilizes this look with everything from neutral and/or subtle hues to bright watermelon pastels. There's a gradient nail to replicate all year long.

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Dusty Hues

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Dusty Hues


Courtney Trop from the popular blog Always Judging was an early adopter of the rainbow nail trend. This manicure was inspired by her own painting and thus features the similar red, plum, and khaki tones. We haven't figured out how these mismatched colors complement one another so well yet, but we think it's safe to say that her manicure is a work of art.

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Abstract Negative Space

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Negative Space


If you want to experiment with colors, but you don't want to dive in whole-heartedly just yet, play with negative space designs. Paint just the tips of your nails in the colors of your choice, adding a small swoop up the side to elongate the appearance of the fingers.

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Neutral Gradient

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Neutral


If subtle is the name of your game but you still want in on the trend, try varying shades of similar colors, like this manicure that features complementary shades of neutrals. We suggest that you try Olive & June's Pink Sweater Kit ($40), which includes four of the brand's best-selling pink, taupe, and gray polishes, as well as a topcoat.

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Autumnal Palette

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Autumnal


Take this look into fall with an autumnal palette, as seen on influencer Hannah Bronfman. Swap pastels for more subdued neutrals, greens, and taupes when the weather gets colder.

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Berry Beauties

Spring Nail Trends Gradient Berry


It's not just different colors you can experiment with. Try mixing textures and finishes to find a combination you prefer. We love the glitter accent in this manicure (although matte polishes or shimmers could work, too).

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