Spring 2023's Nail Trends Include Subtle Glitter and Pearl Finishes

Polly Pocket shades are also popping.

J Lo wearing the biggest spring 2023 nail trend


For those who consider manicures a non-negotiable, choosing your color and style is a process taken very seriously. So it’s only natural at the start of a new season to look for fresh inspiration before your next salon appointment. As we usher in spring, it is time to push aside the dark polishes of winter and say hello to the biggest spring 2023 nail trends. Don’t believe us? Take it from the experts. 

“I have a hunch we’ll see a lot of ethereal shimmer and pearl-based nail art this season, especially living in the pink and purple world,” says Natalie Minerva, celebrity nail artist and OPI’s Global Ambassador. “Last year we saw a lot of rhinestone designs in combination with brighter neons for spring. This year feels a bit softer.” Minerva was the mastermind behind the manicures of Euphoria, so it is safe to say she is no newbie when it comes to anticipating the next big thing in the nail department.

Similarly, Tom Bachik, an industry legend and Tweezerman pro, thinks we will new twists on older designs. “Beauty trends don’t necessarily come and go, they evolve,” he explains. “I think we’re going to see a continuum of last year's trends but in new creative ways.” Below, Minerva and Bachik detail what they think will be the biggest nail trends of spring 2023.

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Pearly Finishes

Pearly nails


While adding an accent to your manicure can get rather extreme, it doesn’t have to be. If there's one thing we can learn from the rise of Hailey Beiber’s chrome nails it's that the finish of the polish itself can be just as impactful as an added charm or gem. “I like to think of pearls and shimmers as 'nail art in a bottle' because it gives nails an extra little something with no extra effort,” says Minerva. She predicts a continued rise in the iridescent pearly finish. If you're looking to recreate the look from home, she suggests using something like the OPI's I Meta My Soulmate ($12), and we love Olive & June's Purple Puka ($9).

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The Meticulous Mani

Meticulous manicure


If you're someone who pays extra attention to detail, this one's for you. “A perfectly manicured natural nail is the definition of chic,” says Bachik. “A manicure doesn’t look good without, well, the manicure. Taking the time to do a proper mani before any look assures it will look its best.” No matter what type of polish you choose, it will only sit as smooth as its base. Bachik recommends all of his clients use the Ultimate Nail Care Set by Tweezerman ($60) to keep their hands in tip top condition. “If you love to get your nails done at the salon, taking this kit with you helps to add that additional peace of mind knowing the tools being used are of the highest quality and have only been used on you,” he adds. 

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Mix and Match

Mix and match manicure

Natalie Minerva

While monochromatic looks are considered a classic, they aren’t for everyone. Wearing multiple designs and hues across both hands is gaining popularity. Whether that means switching off between a variety of polishes, wearing different press-on designs, or creating multiple textures, the options here are endless. “A big one this spring will be nails that are a mixture of patterns and colors. It’s all about having fun,” says Minerva. “It’s something I used to see a lot when I started doing nails in 2011 and I’m so glad it’s back.”

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Silver Lining

Silver lining manicure


“People are loving the look of a classic, minimalist, high-gloss nail,” says Bachik. “You can even give it an edge by simply adding a liner. Pick your favorite sparkle or color depending on the occasion and simply line the tips to add to the mood.” 

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3D Designs

Shy Girl with 3D designs


You’ve probably seen celebrities such as Dove Cameron and Bad Bunny showing off their nail art that quite literally stands out— the look was even featured in Burberry's latest campaign. Although the concept is not necessarily new, Minerva thinks that this look is here to stay. “We’ve been seeing this trend as of the last year or so and I think we’ll continue to see it through spring 2023,” says Minerva. “Perhaps we will see less obscure designs and more structured and clean 3D elements.”

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Ethereal Textures

Purple chrome manicure


“[Spring] 2023 is going to be all about texture. This speaks to shimmers and sparkles but in new ways. We already see manufacturers adding it into colors and topcoats,” says Bachik. His tip? Create multiple versions of your favorite color by layering with sheer iridescent polishes, chrome powders, or even mini pixie dust crystals.

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Retro Colors

Pink and purple manicure

Natalie Minerva

It’s no secret that throwbacks are still having their moment, and Minerva suggests pairing pink and purple shades for a nostalgic nod. “I recently created '70s-inspired disco tips using OPI’s Me, Myself, and OPI Collection. It’s just such a classic color combo that you can’t go wrong with, and it’s somehow very nostalgic to me.” Layer both shades on each nail or pair them together in a design. The options here are endless.

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