This Is the #1 Spring Nail Trend We're Seeing All Over Instagram

We love winter beauty trends—dark nails, bold berry lipsticks, and smoky eye shadows—but there's something to be said about switching these looks out for their lighter, fresher, and more upbeat counterparts. We're talking about bright corals, blues, greens, yellows, and pinks. And the first place we see these hues is on people's fingertips. Seriously, nail trends seem to anticipate the seasons more so than makeup or hair. We're not mad. After all, we start bringing out springtime pastel polish as early as February, which is long before the temperatures change and the snow melts. What can we say? We're optimistic and ready to shake off those winter blues along with our sweaters and boots.

This year, the number one spring nail trend isn't centered around a single shape, color, or design. It's centered around any and all colors that strike your fancy. That's right. Remember when you painted your nails as a kid? We'd paint one nail red, another one green, and yet another one yellow—just for fun. Who knew it would turn into a bonafide beauty trend years later? With 10 fingers and 10 toes, you can channel every color of the spectrum (and then some). The resulting look is surprisingly chic—albeit quirky and colorful.