30 Impossibly Pretty, Spring-Ready Nail Designs

Embrace the blooms this season.

It's the onset of spring (St. Patrick's Day just always feels like the unofficial inauguration) and the season of showers and flowers. Cheerier weather has officially arrived, thus, bring on the spring nail designs.

And while dreamy temperatures and skin-warming rays may still be lagging behind the spring equinox, we're ahead of the game where spring nail designs are concerned. So much so that we've already handpicked 30 stunning options we think you'll spring for. (So sorry—just had to.) Excited? Keep scrolling for the prettiest spring nail designs we've ever laid eyes on.

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Cheery Ladybugs

The most playful in the bunch, this ladybug-inspired manicure is at the top of our wish list when it comes to inspiring spring nail designs.

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Blue Foil

We're still (very happily) riding the mermaid wave, and this tonal turquoise manicure—complete with scale-inspired foil pieces—couldn't have us more in the mood for a dip.

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Vintage Florals

Between the classic almond shape and the bohemian, primary-hued florals, we're 100% smitten with this spring look. 

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Yellow Flowers

Don't want an entire bouquet just above your cuticles? Instead, try a springy yellow flower or two. Paired with a perfectly nude base, it's still playful enough to feel natural for spring.

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Watercolor Inspired

This abstract design has us thinking we're at an actual art gallery. Plus, an orange and pink pallet is totally spring-appropriate.

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Metallic Rainbows

Okay, so maybe we're still on a high from St. Patrick's Day, but we can't help but swoon at the enchanting look of rainbows and a subtle dusting of silver (not gold) to accent. 

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Mini Cacti

Paired with a bright hit of robin's-egg blue, a few mini-cacti fuel our spring fever.

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Tropical Vacation

For the mani lovers who struggle to make a decision, this one's for you. Next time you can't choose between watermelon or lime, sample an accent nail of each.

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Bright Bolts

There's something that feels so refreshingly spring about pairing a pure pop of lemon with a wash of powder blue. Plus, the geometric zigzag looks kind of like a lightning bolt. April showers, right?

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Cherry Blossoms

We usually associate a metallic finish and a satiny shade of shell with fall or winter, but paired with the daintiest cherry blossoms, they create a juxtaposition that's just right for spring.

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Accent Glitter Nail

A true triple-threat, this mani has everything: including bubbles, pastels, and an alternating color scheme for even more intrigue.

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Palm Leaves on Accent Nail

If you're looking for a design that's not ostentatious but still a touch whimsical, this accent nail complete with palm leaves fits the bill. 

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Rose Quartz

For a rosy disposition this season, we highly recommend not only wearing a rose quartz hue on your tips (to match your hair!) but also add an actual rose as well. An accent on just one finger is far from fussy.

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Bright Flowers

Hear us out, alright? This bright red base seems like a lot, but it actually looks incredibly chic against unexpected pastels. It takes traditionally delicate florals and gives it an edgy, extra-fun vibe we're loving. Go ahead, embrace the unexpected this spring.

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Matte Slime

Speaking of unexpected—go for a matte look, but make it slime-inspired. Mei, a celeb and fashion-favorite manicurist extraordinaire, continues to inspire us. Plus, the poppy blue, and purple colors are so sweet.

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Plant Neutrals

For a more neutral tone, try out a buttery base color. Yes, it's more fall-toned with the caramel accents, but the delicately painted leaves and cute daisies feel like the much-needed springtime refresh we've been waiting for.

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Geometric Two-Tone

Pump up two-tone nails by picking a family of complementary colors and combining them differently across all 10 nails.

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Lavender Abstract

These lavender nails are spring personified. Abstract painted faces, inspired by Erno Laszlo, add a delicate, artistic touch unique to each accent nail. Recreate this look at home with a few simple swipes of a detailing brush.

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Rainbow Ombré

April showers will probably bring a few rainbows along with their May showers, right? Find inspiration in the springtime sky with this rainbow ombré nail look.

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Neon French Mani

Sure, spring is usually pastel season, but don't rule out the power of a simple neon-tipped French manicure for an easy and bright pop of color. Plus, it works with those floral dresses you've been dying to wear now that the cold's gone.

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Bubbly Negative Space

Pop the champagne and pour a glass or two to complement this subdued champagne and rose gold manicure.

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Sequin Flowers

These might take a bit of patience, but the result is so worth it. Break out the sequins and get creative with each nail.

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Full Bouquet

Get a professional-looking mani with the ease of DIY! The stunning floral bouquets look expert-level but are actually the Everyday Bouquet stickers from Olive and June ($8).

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Shades of Pink

Keep it simple with a half and half pink mani to create a relatively easy yet intriguing look that feels as fresh as the flowers on your desk.

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Bright and Smiley

Just look at this colorful mani and frown. You can't. It won't let you. We tried.

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Matte 60s Lines

Just a little trippy, these lines make maximum impact with a matte finish. So mod!

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Orange and Pink

Match your jewelry to your nails for a colorful take on the nail jewelry trend—a sweet-tart pink pops against a diagonal orange tip for a modern and geometric, French mani.

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Speaking of picnic weather... these pink and purple gingham nails would look lovely for an outdoor park day, are we right?

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Pastel Splotches

Try out a full-on easter egg color scheme for a spring-tastic mani. The best part? The abstract splotches don't have to be perfect, which takes the pressure off for those looking to DIY.

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Colorful Polka Dots

Polka dots are the ultimate spring-summer pattern. We love that these are multi-colored.

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