12 Impossibly Pretty, Spring-Ready Nail Designs

This past weekend served as a glorious reminder of our love for St. Patrick's Day. But the adoration runs far deeper than green dress codes, Shamrock Shakes, or abundant cheers-ing. In fact, it's the onset of spring (the holiday just always feels like the unofficial inauguration) that truly makes the day feel, well, lucky. And finally, as of yesterday, the season of showers and flowers has officially arrived. Thus, bring on the spring nail designs.

And while dreamy temperatures and skin-warming rays may still be lagging behind the spring equinox, we're ahead of the game where spring nail designs are concerned. So much so that we've already handpicked 12 stunning options we think you'll spring for. (So sorry—just had to.) Excited? Keep scrolling for 12 of the prettiest spring nail designs we've ever laid eyes on.

Manicure with ladybug detailing

The most playful in the bunch, this ladybug-inspired manicure is at the top of our wish list when it comes to inspiring spring nail designs.

Green manicure with gold foil detail

We're still (very happily) riding the mermaid wave, and this tonal turquoise manicure—complete with scale-inspired foil pieces—couldn't have us more in the mood for a dip.

Nude manicure with floral detailing

Between the classic appeal of the vintage almond shape and the bohemian, primary-hued florals, we're 100% smitten with this spring look. 

Nude manicure with yellow flower detail on index finger

Not into the look of an entire bouquet just above your cuticles? Instead, try a cheery sunflower or two. Paired with a perfectly nude base, it's still playful enough to feel natural for spring.

White manicure with silver and rainbow detailing

Okay, so maybe we're still on a high from St. Patrick's Day, but we can't help but swoon at the enchanting look of rainbows and a subtle dusting of silver (not gold) to accent. 

White manicure with cactus detailing

Paired with a bright hit of robin's-egg blue in the background, even just a few mini cacti can fuel our spring fever.

Pink manicure with flamingo and pineapple detailing

For the mani lovers who struggle to make a decision once in the salon seat, this one's for you. Next time you can't choose between a pineapple or hot-pink flamingo? Sample an accent nail of each.

Light blue manicure with yellow geometric detailing

There's something that feels so refreshingly spring about a nail design pairing a pure pop of lemon with a wash of powder blue. Plus, we love how the geometric zigzag looks kind of like a lightning bolt. April showers, right?

Purple metallic manicure with floral tree detailing on ring finger

Typically we would associate a metallic finish and a satiny shade of shell with fall or winter, but paired with the daintiest branches of cherry blossoms, they create a juxtaposition that's just right for spring.

White manicure with palm leaf detailing on ring finger

If you're looking for a spring nail design that's not overly ostentatious but is still a touch whimsical, an accent nail complete with palm leaves fits the bill. 

Manicure with polkadot detailing on ring finger

For a true triple-threat spring nail design, this demure look has you covered: bubbles, pastels, and an alternating color scheme to add even more intrigue.

Light pink manicure with rose detailing on ring finger

For a rosy disposition this season, we highly recommend not only wearing a Rose Quartz hue on your tips, but an actual rose as well. As an accent on just one finger, it's far from fussy.

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