Here’s How You Should Cut Your Hair, According to Where You Live

If you’re anything like me, you tend to get easily bored with your hair. A season changes, or your mood changes, and all of a sudden you decide you’re over your current look and want to switch things up.

But how, oh how, does one go about picking a new haircut? You could cruise Pinterest until your eyeballs fall out. Or you could use this fun inspiration guide to find your perfect crop, based on the city you live in. Hey, we’re already onboard with choosing signature perfumes based on our zodiac signs, so this is a natural next step, right? After all, each city has its own specific attitude, pace, and climate, and your haircut has to match.

To come up with an accurate roundup of looks, we consulted Erin Zemet, owner and head stylist of Main Street Salon in Culver City, California.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to find your city and corresponding haircut!

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