16 Ways to Embrace Warm-Weather Style in Spring Dresses

Find a look that's as joyous as you feel.

Pretty white hill house dress on a pink background

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If you’re hearing birds chirping, have an extra pep in your step, and changed your coffee order to your favorite iced drink, it can only mean one thing: spring has sprung, and it's time to put your heavy outerwear away in favor of lightweight, joyous pieces that match the milder weather.

And while it's likely you've spent most of your time inside over the past several months, it's easier than you may think to revive your sartorial energy this season. Spring dresses are easy to throw on, are available in styles that fit almost any aesthetic, and will ensure you look as refreshed as that neighborhood walk or Saturday afternoon with friends makes you feel. Scroll on for 16 of our favorite ways to rock spring dresses, all of which are sure to make you stand out from the crowd as you enjoy whatever these warmer days have in store.

The Cottagecore Options

Cottagecore is getting a polished twist these days, so you can embrace this aesthetic even if you're frolicking around city streets instead of an open field. Labels like Selkie and Hill House Home are offering new takes on loose, floral dresses that may be truly groundbreaking with how easy they are to work into your own style.

The '50s Classic

There's just something about the polished shape of '50s dresses that keeps us paying homage to the iconic decade every spring. Tree-lined sidewalks and flowers in bloom provide the perfect background for a dress silhouette that both Lucy and Ethel would lust after.

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The Unapologetic Print

Sometimes if you don’t feel like expressing yourself with words, an unapologetically loud print can do all the talking for you. You may already feel like the queen of the jungle as you emerge back into your out-and-about life, but this dress gives everyone else no doubt who is boss.

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The Slinky Maxi

Whether dressing up or down, a maxi-length spring dress allows you to make the choice. Just pick a style that fits the vibe you're going for, then finish the look with whatever makeup and accessories strike inspiration.

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The Neutral Jumpsuit

If you're a fan of spring dresses but plan to cartwheel at your picnic in the park, an easy yet chic jumpsuit is our number one choice. This fun style allows you to bust out whatever moves strike you without risking a peepshow, and even if you ultimately keep things low-key, you'll still embody joyful nostalgia in the most stylish, modern way.

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The Structured Puff-Sleeve

Hearing puff-sleeve spring dresses may make you think of lighter fabrics, pastels, and prints that are ready to accompany you on a romp through a flower field. This dress embraces an airy, puff-sleeved silhouette while also providing a substantial, structured feel, so you really get the best of both worlds.

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The Asymmetrical Maxi

An asymmetrical design is a sure way to make you stand out if you want a spring dress that makes a statement. This style has a mirage-like visual quality that creates an illusion of not knowing where it begins or ends. If you're a fan of a little mystery in your fashion, we certainly recommend giving this look a try.

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The Modern Military

Who doesn’t love a good snatched waist? This dress switches up military-style aesthetics via its hourglass structure, accentuating the waist for a modern look that can accompany you almost anywhere.

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The Flapper Fringe

The Roaring '20s left many lasting impressions, and perhaps one of the strongest was the flapper fringe. Many of today's brands have modernized this statement, and the result is something you may just want to wear to celebrate now that we're starting to experience the 21st-century version of the iconic era.

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The Chic Wedding Guest

Being invited to a wedding calls for a look that makes you feel confident without stealing the spotlight from the couple you came to celebrate. Fortunately, these spring dresses create an unforgettable look without taking attention away from the stars of the day.

The Neon Showstopper

On the other hand, when your top priority is an outfit that pops, try going for a color so bright that no one will be able to ignore it. Neon is nostalgic and modern at the same time and never fails to make a statement.

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The Slip

The vision of blowing a stunned crowd away with triple axels while wearing a pastel ensemble isn’t disappearing any time soon. Luckily, it's not hard to recreate the icy feel you're after—just find a pale blue slip dress and get ready to feel like the main character of all your springtime adventures.

The Power Dress

While power dressing once stuck more to the realm of suits, today, it's just as statement-making to remind everyone at the function just who you are in a confident dress. Look for a piece that highlights your figure in a way that makes you feel in command (like how Michelle Obama shows off her strong arms), or dress for the job you want in a matching set that brings where you see yourself in five years into the present day.

The Upscale Minimalist

The Row is having a moment as of late, as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's low-profile minimalist label finds fans among the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Channel this aesthetic with a no-nonsense spring dress that makes you feel instantly put-together the moment you put it on.

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The Polka-Dotted Pick-Me-Up

Polka dots are a joyful childhood favorite, but they also make for many a sophisticated look. The lively pattern has an effortless ability to jazz up almost any look, helping you to communicate that effervescent spring energy through your style.

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The All-White Dress

Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts, and with that, you may want to highlight your clean slate. An all-white dress will project your readiness to start from square one in the absolute best way.

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