If You're Getting These Compliments, You're Winning at Spring Beauty

Springtime is generally pleasant. There’s plentiful sunshine and dewiness to go around, meaning getting ready in the mornings feels a whole lot easier. But getting prepped for the shift in seasons can be daunting: What cleanser should I buy? Ugh, is it going to be really expensive? What shampoo and conditioner should I start using? Is my hair going to get staticky? Oh no, my hair can’t be staticky. Meet the inner monologue that plagues so many of us as spring rolls around.

But change is good, and once you get your new-season beauty arsenal nailed down, you may start hearing things like “I’m so jealous of your shiny hair” or “Your skin is glowing.” When you get affirmations like these, feel free to give yourself a pat on the back: You’ve clearly aced spring beauty, and the rest of the world can tell. To spread the love, we’re rounding up some of the products available at Target that are sure to score you a compliment or two this season.