Spring Hairstyle Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

To make sure you’re on your beauty A-game this spring, we’ve been keeping you up to date on the latest hair trends. First, we introduced you to the hottest hair color this side of ombre (vacation hair: so hot right now), and now we’re here to share the popular cuts and styles sweeping the industry. How do you keep your pulse on the next big thing before it’s everywhere? The answer lies with the shear-wielding, tool-yielding stylists who don’t just spot the trends, but help create them. Keep scrolling to find out what they unanimously say is in and out so you’re not late to the hair party! 

The stylist: Sunnie Brook

Clients: Abigail Spencer, Dianna Agron, Hailee Steinfeld

Follow: @sunniebrook 


“Touchable texture! Matte, boho, effortless-looking waves with brushed-out cashmere texture are the go-to look this spring. For those hotter days, it’s all about long ponytails that embrace flyaways.” 


“Over-styled sculpted waves are out (thank god!), along with those perfect, away-from-the face curls. Messy high buns are taking a shift down from being the top knot trend, to the nape of the neck instead.” 

Both Alexa Chung (above) and Zoe Saldana (below) exemplify the brushed-out, touchable texture—with flyaways in full effect—that's so big for spring (rather than sculpted, defined waves). 

Zoe Saldana
Stephane Cardinale / Getty Images

The stylist: Rebekah Forecast

Clients: Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Diane Kruger

In: @rebekahforecast

“It’s all about natural looks, and carefree, unstructured styles for spring and summer. To create a bend on longer hair, use a straightening iron or a really large curling iron at the chin, leaving the ends alone altogether! And shorter hair is in. Girls look sexy with short hair, especially for spring and summer; the more feminine patterns and flow of spring and summer clothes complements a shorter hair style.”


“Beach waves that aren’t broken up or brushed out.” 

Ashley Benson's short hair (above) has the perfect unstructured bend to it, while Kerry Washington (below) embraces the natural, carefree aesthetic that's loosely "styled." 

Kerry Washington
 Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

The stylist: Diego Miranda

Clients: Carey Mulligan, Naomi Campbell, Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Follow: @diegomiranda 


“Short hair is back. Rita Ora and Scarlett Johansson kick-started the trend earlier this year. And those favoring ‘longer’ styles (longer than a pixie) are opting for a lob with heavy bangs and loose, natural texture. It's all about minimal effort this season.”


“Slick, polished looks are gone. Forget flat ironed hair and shine drops—reach for your sea salt spray and diffuser. Embrace loose styles and flyaways. It's the time to try ‘less.’”

Jessica Alba's bob and Gabrielle Union's lob show how cool loose, natural texture looks on short styles.

Gabrielle Union
Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

The stylist: Gilbert Muniz

Clients: Alison Brie, Abigail Spencer, Zoe Kravitz

Follow: @hairbygilbert


“Heavy bangs swept to the side, or fringe with deconstructed waves are in. The lob is still going strong, especially with a little bend in the hair, leaving the ends out when curling and creating texture.”


“Ditch the extensions!! I'm noticing many people are saying goodbye to extensions and embracing their natural hair. Go shorter to create more density—it's all about texture and short, chic cuts. You can also say goodbye to forced curls. Really done-up hair can look contrived and fussy. Instead, try creating texture with flatiron waves. High ponytails and high topknots are out, too. Try lower ponies and buns positioned down a few inches from the crown of the head for a more sophisticated look this spring.” 

Suki Waterhouse (above) epitomizes the look of a fringe with sideswept bangs and deconstructed waves, while Jourdan Dunn (below) showcases chic, short hair with just a slight bend and flatiron-created texture. 

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