Your Official Guide to L.A.'s Best Spray-Tan Salons

Updated 10/07/16
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There are certain measures we beauty lovers take to wake up looking as close to flawless as possible: eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery, low-maintenance haircuts. Airbrush tanning is just another one of those ways to roll out of bed feeling just a little bit more like Beyoncé.

We’re not talking about the orange spray tans that decorated every red carpet and school dance in the early 2000s. The spray tans of today are subtler and more strategic. According to Spray di Sole founder Svetlana Feller, an airbrush tan not only adds a sunkissed glow to your skin but can also be used to camouflage cellulite, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. You can also contour your entire body with airbrush tanner (abs, arms, collarbones) to trick everyone into thinking you’ve been making the most of your ClassPass subscription.

But not all spray tans are top quality. It can be tricky to know where to go to ensure the best experience and results. So we editors went on a mission to nail down the very best places to get a spray tan, starting at the home of Byrdie HQ: Los Angeles. The studios we found offer long-lasting spray tans that look natural and are personally applied by lovely, skilled airbrush artists.

Read on to find our recommendations for the six best spray-tan salons in L.A.

Even the pickiest spray-tan customers will be impressed by their experience at this upscale salon. The founder, Heather, is sweet and attentive, taking the time to walk you through the process to ensure that you get the perfect color based on your preferences and skin tone. Her tanning solution is also remarkable. First off, it doesn’t smell like anything at all (really, it’s next level). And the solution dries almost instantly, leaving no sticky residue. The results are even and natural, allowing you to go about the rest of your day without looking orange and streaky.

A standard airbrush tan costs $65, but it’s worth it for the superior service and results.

Address: 8969 Sunset Boulevard

Phone: (818) 568-2071

Effortless convenience is the top perk of this delightful salon in the Valley, which offers in-studio tanning sessions ($49 for a standard tan, $69 for a quick-dry one) or at-home visits ($100). Blair is cheerful and accommodating—happy to take last-minute appointments or make house calls—and the results are always soft and natural. The spray tanner itself is also top-notch, formulated with aloe, green tea, and vitamins A, E, and C (and never any parabens or animal testing).

Address: 13542 Ventura Boulevard

Phone: (818) 482-3776


On the east side? Skip the trek to the beach and hit up this high-rise salon instead. Owner Dila’s skills are impeccable—the color turns out deceptively natural, fades evenly, and truly lasts for 10 days (if you moisturize properly, that is). The experience is comfortable, professional, and efficient. It might even be worth driving in from the west side.

As for pricing, you’re looking at $50 for a standard tan, $60 for an express one, and $100 for a house call. Pro tip: Make an appointment between 4 and 8 p.m. at this private, celeb-servicing studio on a Tuesday or Wednesday to access a $40 happy-hour price for your standard spray. 

Address: Contact for exact address

Phone: (213) 361-8910

The Drybar of spray-tan salons comes in the form of this cozy studio. Pop in for an affordable $39 standard tan or a $49 express, and a cheery staffer will make you feel at ease as she coats you in minimally scented tanner. The process is incredibly quick, and the results last for at least a week. If you’re a new client, make sure to say so to get your first two tans for the price of one. (The studio also offers affordable sugaring services, so you can leave 100% beach ready.)

Address: 9873 Santa Monica Boulevard

Phone: (424) 625-3969

This airbrush tanning studio offers locations in Torrance, Tarzana, and Beverly Hills, and all three offer attentive staffers, efficient services, and stunning results. As for the in-salon experience, founder and celebrity spray-tan artist Norma and salon owners Megyn and Daniela are careful to talk through their process and products to put guests at ease. They also make sure to understand your goals and analyze your skin tone before creating a custom color-matched formula just for you.

The tanning solution itself is organic and lightweight, and it smells amazing. No sticky residue, no headache-inducing odor, no streaks. The color is applied flawlessly and develops into a gorgeous, natural glow. At $45 for a standard tan ($39 for first-timers and $125 for a house call), the price is right. Also be sure to check out the salon’s range of all-natural and organic products, including a genius self-tanner brush dropping in September, accurately named the “Tanbuki.”

Address: 2746 Pacific Coast Highway

Phone: (424) 206-3401

Amy, the owner of this homey Burbank salon, has clients convinced that this is the only spray-tan studio in Southern California worth visiting. Booking an appointment is a breeze, and once you arrive, her warm, upbeat demeanor makes you feel perfectly comfortable, even if you’re not accustomed to stripping down in front of strangers. Matchless customer service aside, the tan itself comes out gorgeous every time, no matter your skin tone. The formula is organic, lightweight, and doesn’t leave you feeling like a sticky mess.

In addition, the pricing is phenomenal—$40 for a spray tan and $30 for first-time customers.

Address: 2712 West Magnolia Boulevard

Phone: (818) 235-2372

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