This "Spidery" Eyelash Trend Is Prettier Than It Sounds

And it's all over TikTok.

Spider lashes


Over the past few years, long, voluminous eyelashes have become more popular—and easier to get—than ever. From classic to mega volume styles, eyelash extensions are considered a beauty essential to many. But if you don't want to shell out for extensions, TikTok's latest trend du jour is for you.

'Manga Lashes' is a spidery lash effect inspired the doll-like eyes of Japanese Manga and Anime characters. Their eyes are dramatically enhanced by their wispy lashes, forming spikey, spaced-out hairs on the top and bottom lashes, creating a spider effect.

TikTok loves a good DIY, so don't worry about scheduling a lash appointment—unless you want the look to last. Sarah Cheung, a content creator and founder of Sacheu Beauty, shared a TikTok on her take on achieving the manga lash effect. After receiving over six million views on the video, Cheung shared a detailed tutorial on applying the lashes at home. Now, anime-inspired 'spider lashes' is one of the latest trending beauty tutorials on the platform.  

Want to try it yourself? Ahead, we break down the look.

Prep your lashes

Before applying any falsies, prep your eyes with an eyelash primer, then use your favorite mascara on your lashes for a base.

When choosing a pair of strip lashes, go for wispy ones that are longer than your natural lashes. Then, begin cutting the strip lashes into individual pieces of one knot each. Cheung explains that it is best to use four to five small clusters per eye. 

Apply lashes

For application, you'll need a pair of tweezers and eyelash glue. One thing to remember while applying lashes is to be patient! Cheung suggests using and adjusting as you go since this can be difficult for beginners. 

Apply the lash glue onto the knot and focus on setting the small cluster onto your lash line, trying to get as close as possible. Cheung mentions that concentrating on the outer three-quarters of the eye provides a widening effect as you apply. As you keep using each lash cluster, ensure they are spaced apart so the lash has that spikey dramatic look.

Don't forget the bottom lashes

For this one, you will use single lashes, not clusters. Add glue onto the lash, then add to your lower lash line, spacing out the lashes to achieve a doll-like effect. If this is too difficult (or if you want a less dramatic look), skip adding extensions. Instead, try the Selena Gomez method: Add mascara onto a tweezer and lightly squeeze a cluster of bottom lashes together to form a spike. Keep doing this until the bottom lash line is complete. 

Perfect the look

Now that you are done, you can officially stamp your approval or perfect it to your liking. Add liner, eyeshadow, etc., until the look feels like you.

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