Is This the Secret to Flawless Skin? One Makeup Artist Seems to Think So

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Confidence starts with great skin, and great skin starts with protection from the sun’s rays. While we all know that we should slather on SPF daily, we also know we don’t want to alter our makeup routines, deal with that telltale white cast, or have our makeup slide off our faces by midday. So you can imagine our delight (and relief) when L.A.-based celebrity makeup artist Kira Nasrat filled us in on her best-kept beauty secret. “I’ve not only been using it on most of my clients to get them red carpet–ready, but I’ve also been using it on myself because it helps prep my skin, but it also offers invisible protection,” she tells us. And if it’s a product Nasrat swears by, we’re all ears. She’s been in the industry 10+ years and has worked with stars like Jamie Chung and Bebe Rexha, so she knows what she’s talking about.

Ready to see the product Nasrat swears by for flawless skin?