3-Minute Read: How to Practice Safe SPF

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How to Pick an SPF - The Best Sunscreens 2017
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With temps on the rise, now is as good a time as any to verse yourself on the ins and outs of sunscreen. Knowing the basic difference between chemical and physical SPF is a great place to start, but in truth, it's even more complicated than that—there are specific ingredients to consider, not to mention personal preference. (In the end, you need a formula you'll want to reapply again and again.)

With this all in mind, chances are you've pondered whether natural SPF is actually worth it (or even effective, for that matter). Skincare guru Renée Rouleau tells us that if you can get past the "heaviness" of most mineral formulas, they're actually a really solid option because they don't sink deep into pores and irritate skin. Interestingly enough, they're also more efficient if you're strapped for time. NYC-based dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD, tells Goop. "They work the minute you put them on—you don't have to wait twenty minutes the way you do with chemical formulas," she says. Head over to Goop for more details on the benefits of mineral SPF, and shop some of our go-to sun protection below.

The same goes for cereal fans and bread devotees (sorry, Oprah)—those are just a few of the foods gut expert Vincent Pedre, MD, would cut out for a happier digestive system, according to Well + Good. But since we're glass-half-full kind of people, let's look at the flip side: Here are all the foods you should eat for a healthier gut.

Mark our words—in 20 years, we'll look back and say, "LOL, remember when everyone was obsessed with unicorns and rainbows in 2017?" Case in point: MAC recently launched mood ring–esque lip glosses in Asia, and everyone on this side of the Pacific is still clamoring to get their hands on a tube. Might we suggest one of these readily available color-changing lip stains from Sassy Lips instead?

This week (May 14 to 20) is National Women's Health Week—and while we could discuss female wellness every second of every day, we're taking the opportunity to revisit some of our best guides and stories on birth control, sex, and reproductive health all week long. Check them out here.

The festival's festivities (say that three times fast) kick off today, and we'll be covering all things beauty-related until the closing ceremony. Stay tuned—and if you're in need of a fix this second, peruse some of the best red carpet looks from last year. (Remember how incredible Bella Hadid looked with those bangs?)

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