5 Tricks to Speed Up Your Metabolism (for Real)


Sandy Liang

If you’ve often wished, hoped, and prayed for a faster metabolism, allow us to answer your prayers. Between new technology and time-tested tricks, there are plenty of ways to perk up a lazy metabolism—ones that actually work, and not just for a short period of time either.

Whether you are looking to make a major lifestyle change or just want a few everyday calorie-burning tricks, our comprehensive list of how to speed up your metabolism has got you covered. From simple tips, like adding green tea or lean protein to your diet, to what some might consider intense treatments, like cryotherapy or infrared sauna visits, these are the best ways to speed up your metabolism, as well as the scientific reasoning behind each one.

If you are looking to burn more calories or just want to lead a more healthy lifestyle, keep reading for our tips on how to rev up your metabolism.