13 Sparkly French Manicures to Try—From Glittery Snow to Crushed Velvet Tips

A snowy, glittery French manicure


The French manicure is a classic for a reason: You can find it on the menu at pretty much every salon (though you can easily DIY it), it can be adapted to flatter any nail shape or length, and well, it's kind of the red lipstick of nail designs—find the right one for you and it'll go with every outfit.

But sometimes, even the classics can use a remix, whether it's through color, design, or finish. One of our favorite ways to put a spin on the classic French manicure is by adding a soupçon of sparkle. Holographic tips, nail gems, or (of course) glitter are all easy ways to take your classic French manicure to new heights.

Ahead, check out 13 of our favorite sparkly French manicures (along with some tips and tricks on how to get the looks).

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Merry Red Glitter

Close up of a hand with glittery red french tips


"Sparkly" immediately conjures images of the holiday season, and so does the color red. Needless to say, this glittering ruby set—featuring ombré glitter—is just begging to be photographed around a simmering cup of hot cocoa.

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Square Gilded Tips

Glittery gold square nails


Flattering and easy to wear, short, square nails are as timeless and elegant as French manicures. For a trendy spin on such a classic nail, dip your tips in glittery gold polish. Not exactly a nail artist? Try using a silicone nail stamper.

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Velvet-Dipped French Tips

Velvet manicures are the perfect balance between sumptuous and playful (you've got to admit, waving that magnetic wand over your fingernails is a tiny bit thrilling). Velvet French tips are the perfect way to dip your toe—or should we say fingers?—into the trend. For a similar look, try painting your half-moons with Dab of Newt ($16) and Reclaim the Flame ($16) by Mooncat.

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Pink Starbursts

Pink French manicure with sparkling gem details


The mix of gems, decals, and bubblegum pink might sound like a lot, but as this manicure proves, it ultimately makes for a chic approach to a sparkly French for the manicure minimalist. Opting for solid-colored tips and strategic nail accessories—instead of sparkly polish—streamlines the look.

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Snowy Blue Tips

Powder blue glittery French manicure


This set is giving "I'll meet you back at the chalet," and we're here for it. While lolo.nailedit used polish to create the tiny, glittery dots that function as snowflakes here, Olive & June x e.l.f's Diamond Sparkle Nail Art Gems ($10) are a great shortcut for those who want to emulate this mani.

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Lush Red Velvet

Red velvet glittery French manicure


Did we mention how much we're loving velvet manicures? Because we are really loving velvet manicures. This lush red variation utilizes French tips—often considered understated—for the accent nails. You have to appreciate a good script flip.

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Gold Foil Fingernails

Gold foil French tips


Foiled fingernail tips are truly a look for all seasons. This combo of gold foil tips and pale neutral pink polish would be equally appropriate in the summer and during the holidays.

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Twinkling Silver Nails

Silver starry French manicured nails


New Year's Eve is just begging for a starry silver mani. With the combination of fine-line detailing and precise ombré glitter placement, you might want to entrust this one with a pro instead of going the DIY route.

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Studded Shiny Mani

Studded French manicure


Looking for something a little bit edgier than glittery polish? Try a studded French manicure instead. Take it a step further by opting for dark tips over the traditional white. Try Essie's Licorice ($10).

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The Classic (With a Twist)

Classic French manicure with a streak of glittery gold


Another minimalist take on "sparkly," this set adds a subtle, shimmering line down the center of a standard French mani. To replicate, you'll need a nail art brush like Orly's Short Detailer Brush ($14).

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Shining Stars

French manicure with shimmering red tips and sparkly stars


We love how this set takes the concept of the accent nail and extends it to every single nail. This look is totally achievable on your own, too: Just give yourself a standard French manicure, swapping out the white polish for a shimmering ruby red (we like OPI's Rhinestone Red-y, $12). Pop on starry nail decals after your pale neutral pink polish has completely dried down, but before you apply your top coat.

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Outer Space Set

Okay, we know; this is more "sparkly French manicured finger." But we think this look would be just as alluring if you added a few more French tips to the mix. For this spacey set, disseynails used a trio of Lights Lacquer polishes, including Tuxedo Mask ($11) and City of Stars ($11).

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Holographic Hands

Holographic green French manicure


Something about holographic nails feels decidedly festive—though not necessarily in a holiday-specific way. While these green French tips might give off Christmas vibes, we think a set like this would be just as striking—and very New Years' Eve-y—in a golden shade like Holo Taco's Amber Apathy ($14).

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