The Secret to South African Women's Amazing Skin

Updated 09/23/16

Candice Swanepoel and Charlize Theron are gorgeous blondes and seemingly superhuman creatures. (Seriously, how is it that their skin looks as though it lacks any pores?) Another thing these women have in common is that they’re both from South Africa, which makes us wonder: Are there South African beauty products that we mere mortals haven’t heard of? We turned to South African beauty blogger Camilla Jane Gild of Jane Wonder to find out.

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The Magical Ingredient

The secret ingredient that she and many other South African women swear by? Fynbos—a natural shrubland in the small belt of the Western Cape of South Africa. While the climate in this area is dry and plagued by heavy winds and fires, fynbos plants remain resilient—a key factor in why fynbos is such an important ingredient in restorative skincare.

Gild believes what’s so great about fynbos is its complexity: “It has an exceptional degree of biodiversity and includes rooibos in its family. You may have heard of rooibos (red bush) tea.” Fynbos is also as wonderful for you on the inside as it is on the outside: “There are tons of medical benefits of fynbos, including reducing stress, calming stomach cramps, alleviating allergies, detoxing, treating asthma, bronchitis and fevers, speeding up recovery after illness, and more!” says Gild.

If we haven’t sold you yet, Gild encourages you to take a whiff of the South African do-it-all ingredient: “The best part is that products containing most fynbos types smell HEAVENLY! It’s an African spa treatment in a bottle. I love the Moya brand and use the hand cream and room spray all the time.”

If you want to get your hands on some fynbos-enriched products, keep scrolling!

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Opening Image: Boss Cape Town

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