"Soul Tattoos" Are the Newest Ink Trend Taking Over Instagram

Tattoos have a complicated and conflicting history. Up until the millennial generation embraced them as an artistic outlet for self-expression, it seemed like the majority of tattoos could be classified into one of two categories: gritty or girly. I'm talking about the difference between a "mom" tattoo surrounded by barbed wire and a feathered infinity symbol. Now, though, millennial and Gen Z tattoos don't have a simple classification. In fact, they might not have a classification at all. This ever-expanding anthology of ink makes me think that we're in the midst of a tattoo renaissance.

According to Brit + Co, one of the buzziest of all the emerging artists on the tattoo scene is Ashley Glynn, otherwise known by her Instagram handle, @wadulisiwoman. In her bio, she describes herself as a "multidimensional artist" and "lightworker." She's best known, however, as the sole proprietor and alternative wellness aficionado behind the "Soul Tattoo," which is Instagram's favorite new type of body ink. She may be based in the Bay Area, but her designs have reached far and wide thanks to social media.