"It's So Important": Sophie Turner on the Power of Female Friendships

It’s hard to imagine that when actress Sophie Turner first started portraying Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, she was just 13 years old. Since then, she (Sansa, that is) has fallen for and escaped from a sociopathic king, experienced countless horrors at the hands of men in power, and, at the end of the most recent season, finally experienced a Winterfell homecoming with her brother and sister. Her storyline might not bear any semblance to Turner’s actual life (thankfully), but the arc of an innocent, shy young girl becoming an empowered woman certainly feels reflective of Turner’s own real journey in Hollywood.

When I catch up with her at an event celebrating her new partnership with Wella Professionals, she’s a bright, buttery blonde—a look which often surprises fans who associate her with Sansa’s fiery red strands, even though the former is her natural hair color. “There’s blonde Sophie and redhead Sophie,” she says with a shrug. “They’re both me.”

In person, Turner (now 22) is every bit as striking as you’d imagine, with green-blue eyes, an easy smile, and a warm, open demeanor (we compliment each other’s shoes immediately upon meeting)—a far cry from the shy 13-year-old thrust into the spotlight eight years ago. In the 15 minutes that we speak, it quickly becomes clear that, like Sansa, Turner has navigated the pressures and tribulations that come with spending your formative years in the spotlight, emerging as a confident woman who values the importance of genuine relationships and lots of family time.

As for what’s next for Sansa, Turner’s lips are sealed, but she is open to divulging her own beauty secrets, which you’ll find below.