Exclusive: Sophia Bush's Skincare Essentials

There are some celebrities whose inability to age is broadcast from headlines at least once a week (hi, J. Lo!). And then there are others who manage slide by this kind of scrutiny for years until one day you look at them and think Holy sh*t—she hasn’t aged a year! Sophia Bush is one of these actresses. It’s mind-boggling to think that the much-loved One Tree Hill first aired over a decade ago. Since then, Bush has starred in feature films (who can forget John Tucker Must Die?), flourished her television career, and even tackled a new role: passionate political and environmental activist.

We caught up with Bush—who’s currently stealing the show on the hit NBC crime drama Chicago P.D.—to talk all things beauty (aka find out the secret to her ageless complexion). From her medicine cabinet must-haves and favorite DIYs to her exciting new role with Philips Sonicare, keep scrolling to find out all of Sophia Bush’s skincare secrets!