This New Shimmering Body Oil Sold Out in Just 8 Hours (and No, It's Not Fenty)

Bronze body shimmer isn't exactly a new concept—brands like Nuxe, Nars, and Prtty Peaushun have laid an impressive groundwork for liquid products that warm, define, and hydrate the skin, especially timely for warmer months when the skin on our limbs come out of hibernation and into plain view. But leave it to Rihanna, everyone's new favorite beauty blogger, to make liquid golden body shimmer an absolute requirement whether you thought you needed it or not.

In a recent Instagram story, the singer and beauty product marketing genius artfully dripped a gilded cream onto her shoulder, buffing it out across her arm with a purple-tinged kabuki brush that gave off a glow so real that over two million people double-tapped to show their approval. And just as basically everything RiRi does elicits a trend, the internet soon declared itself in dire need of ethereal, shimmering skin.