Meet Sojin Oh, the Nail Artist Creating Sculptural Manis Inspired by Nature

The pro works with Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish.

Sojin Oh, manicure

Sojin Oh

If you don't know Sojin Oh, you have definitely seen her work. Recognized for her 3D sculptural nail art and mismatched manicures, Oh is a celeb favorite. Whether she's creating stunning looks for music videos or gracing the pages of high-impact editorials, she's worked with Lil Nas X, Kim Kardashian, Billie Eilish, Hunter Schafer, and more.

She's also inspired more than a few recent trends, including her notable water droplet-mimicking looks. This sculptural, ground-breaking work is instantly recognizable—who could forget the icy nail perfection she created for Lil Nas X? So, it goes without saying that now's the time to get familiar with the nail artist completely redefining the manicure.

After moving to the U.S. as a Korean immigrant, Oh ventured to North America by herself at 15, which led her to Los Angeles, where her career took off. Since then, she's become one of the most successful artists in the game today, all while she supports her family back home. And even though she might seem like an overnight success now due to her ubiquity on Instagram feeds everywhere, it took years of honing her craft and a few career changes to find her calling.

Today, Sojin Oh pushes the limits of polish with carefully crafted manicures inspired by nature. She even incorporates elements like flowers, crystals, and pearls in her work. Oh is a true artist—and also a trendsetter—her 3D work has inspired many of the countless textured manicures you've seen popping up on your social scroll.

For more on her mind-blowing nail art and how she got her start, we reached out to Sojin herself. Read on to get to know the genius nail artist redefining manicures right now.

Sojin Oh, nails

Sojin Oh

How did you get started as a celebrity nail artist?

"I first moved to the States when I was 15 from Korea. I worked at multiple fashion houses in creative production but decided to take a break and go to beauty school. I started doing nails in beauty school as a hobby, but then people started noticing my work online, and they would reach out to work with them. From there, everything just kind of fell into place."

You’re known for your sculptural nail art working with different lengths, textures, and materials, what’s the inspiration behind that?

"I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature and the landscapes of South Korea and the Americas. I have traveled and watched a ton of nature docs and it inspired me to mimic the natural elements as well as sculptural forms, glass art, and creatures."

What types of materials are you using to create these looks?

 "I mostly use building gel to create my nail looks."

Sojin Oh, manicure

Sojin Oh

What are some of your favorite nail sets you’ve done? Why?

"I love the 3D sculpture nail I made for Bjork; she’s been a dream collaborator of mine for years."

 What are some of your favorite nail trends/colors right now?

"Painting every nail with a different design. When I first started making these nails, people were still weirded out by having ten different designs in a set. It’s flattering to see more people wearing them now."

 Are there any trends you predict will be popular in the fall?

"Nude tone 3d nails."

 Her At-Home Favorites

While she's known for her out-of-this-world nail sculptures, we could resist asking the nail phenom for a few of her go-to products for creating stunning nail art at home. From chic nail colors to nourishing hand cream, keep scrolling to shop a few of her recommendations.

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