Soho Skin Products Aren't Your Average Hotel Toiletries

Soho Skin Products

Soho Skin

Soho House is no stranger to beauty. There's the social club's award-winning Cowshed line, which offers everything from shower gel to shampoo. You'll also find spas in several Soho House locations. However, the brand is doubling down on its commitment to helping its on-the-go community care for themselves from head to toe. Enter: Soho Skin.

The skincare brand has been in the works for over a year, and its development has been heavily influenced by the lifestyles of Soho House members. "Listening to their skincare needs was a fundamental starting point," managing director of Soho House Retail Aalish Yorke-Long says. "The Soho Skin range was devised around their modern lifestyle. They travel a lot, work hard, and socialize. They’re tired, and their skin feels the effects of that lifestyle."

With this in mind, Yorke-Long and a team of skincare experts devised a goal of creating "intelligent" skincare. What does this mean? First, the formulas had to be informed by the latest science and include actives that truly make a difference in the skin. Second, the products themselves had to be uncomplicated to use and fit seamlessly into any routine. This two-part approach resulted in the birth of 10 core products, ranging from a cleanser to shaving gel. Ahead, Yorke-Long tells us more about the products and the science powering Soho Skin.

The Science 

Before delving into the nitty gritty of ingredients, it's important to understand the ethos behind the formulas. Yorke-Long says everything Soho Skin creates is informed by the idea of skin energy. "It's not about beating the skin into submission," she notes. "It's about feeding the skin, using ingredients that help with its natural functions." 

This philosophy helped them develop the brand's core formula—the Soho Skin Concentrate. "It is uniquely designed to restore energy, regenerate skin structure, and protect the microbiome," Yorke-Long explains.

The signature complex contains three standout ingredients that help it accomplish these goals: Lactococcus ferment lysate, a strengthening probiotic, speeds up the skin renewal process and restores barrier function. Glycogen helps increase hydration and firmness while reducing hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Finally, pistacia lentiscus gum stimulates collagen and elastin, aiding in regenerating your skin structure. 

The Products

Soho Skin Products

Soho Skin

The initial product collection offers the perfect amount of everyday staples and unique, heavy-duty treatments. The range includes the Cream Cleanser ($80), 24/7 Treatment ($110), Renewal Serum ($115), Face Cream ($90), Lip Balm ($20), Eye Cream ($80), Detox Mask ($95), Liquid Exfoliator ($100), Overnight Cream ($100), and Shave Gel ($30). All the products are fragrance-free, making them suitable for all skin types. Plus, they're vegan, cruelty-free, and silicone-free.

If you're looking to build a quick routine, the Cream Cleanser, Renewal Serum, and Face Cream are the perfect place to start. Yorke-Long says the Renewal Serum, in particular, has become a hit within the Soho House community. "This product [focuses on] balancing and evening the pigment in your skin," she points out.

Products like the 24/7 Treatment, Detox Mask, and Liquid Exfoliator are ideal when you want to show your skin extra TLC. Yorke-Long says the 24/7 Treatment, a gel exfoliating mask, is another favorite. "The 24/7 Treatment will rejuvenate the skin and give that added radiance," Soho House skincare specialist Jessica Sproson adds. "I'd recommend using it once every couple of weeks. However, if you've been socializing a lot, you might want to dial that up to a couple of times a week." 

The Launch

Soho Skin has launched in phases, first becoming available in Soho House bedrooms in March. Now, the entire range has become available to all via the brand's website and an exclusive retail partnership with Bloomingdales (which kicks off October 4). For the Soho Skin team, teaming up with the esteemed retailer was a no-brainer. "They are respected beauty experts, with stores in all the key cities where we have Houses, so there is a fantastic customer alignment from the outset," Yorke-Long says. 

With Soho Skin becoming available to the masses, Yorke-Long says the team can't wait to hear consumer feedback. "The priority is to launch the existing range, take stock and then listen to our members about how we can continue to evolve the range," she tells us. 

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