18 Beautiful Looks to Create With Your Soft Glam Palette

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In case you haven't heard by now: Anastasia Beverly Hills' Soft Glam Palette has taken over Instagram, TikTok, and vanities everywhere for years now. And for good reason! With a mix of shimmery shades and matte hues in everything from soft pink to jet black, it's a next-level versatile palette with everything you need for... just about any makeup look you can dream up. Whether it's a wild winged look or a subtle smoky eye, all you need is a little imagination.

Don't believe me? Check out 18 uniquely stunning looks achieved with the one and only cult fave that you'll want to re-create STAT. (And in case you've been eyeing the Soft Glam Palette for a while—you can officially take this as a sign.)

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Add Some Shimmer

Use an allover shimmery shade and tie it together with some dewy highlighter and glassy, glossy lips for next-level glowy glam.

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Glowy Bronze

Try something legitimately soft with your Soft Glam Palette. This subtle bronzed look—complete with black eyeliner—is perfect for any occasion. (Pro tip: Take the light, shimmery "Fairy" shade from the palette to the inner corners of your eye to get this fresh, wide-awake look.)

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Classic Cut Crease

Try a classic cut-crease eyeshadow look with varying shades of brown, and pare it back with a fresh, deep lipstick shade.

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Rosy All Over

Maybe it's the rose gold hair, or maybe it's the monochrome blush-and-eyeshadow moment. In any case, this rosy look is the perfect way to use the pinks in the palette, as far as I'm concerned—and of course, the vampy lip color is an on-point choice to balance out the super-sweet pinks.

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Sparkle & Shine

Adding this to my New Year's Eve makeup inspo ASAP. (Although I'll probably end up re-creating it for just a regular ol' night on the town.) In any case, this shimmery, silvery look will have you looking like a disco ball in the best way possible. Just add winged liner—and finish off the look with soft, pared-down makeup everywhere else.

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Matte Perfection

For a look you can re-create again and again, sweep a darker matte hue from the palette on the creases of your lids, a lighter matte hue on the base of your lids, and add some major liquid eyeliner. Matte foundation and shine-less burgundy lipstick take the final all-matte-everything look to the next level.

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Highlight on Point

A shimmery shadow calls for a luminating highlighter to match, and I totally dig the way she worked the highlighter into the look to really pull it together. I stan.

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Metallic Magic

When the eyeshadow color is on point. First off—and this is important—remember to never forget eye primer before getting started on your shadow. Then apply a saturated, metallic hue (like this rich silvery shade) in coats—using either your fingers or your fave eyeshadow brush—until it's no longer remotely sheer. Lastly, get ready to turn heads.

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Sultry Smoky Eye

You definitely do want this smoke. Sweep some of the charcoal shades under your eyes as well for a dramatic smoky-eye look perfect for nights on the town and beyond. Complete the look with light-reflecting highlighter and a deep nude lip, and voilà.

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Out-to-There Wings

Take your Soft Glam look to the next level with out-to-there wings and a perfectly blended mix of metallics, browns, and bronzes. (Pro tip: Q-tips and makeup remover is your best friend when attempting a look like this.)

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Soft & Subtle

Enhance your natural beauty with soft shades in natural, earthy tones—all you need is a little eye pencil and mascara to complete your eye look. It's the Soft Glam Palette version of "no-makeup makeup," essentially.

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Pretty in Pink

Soft pink shadow paired with matching pink lips? Can't go wrong. And the black liquid liner that completes the eye look is the perfect finishing touch, as far as I'm concerned.

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Shades of Nude

Dramatic black winged eyeliner is always a "yes," and contrasted against matte nude face makeup and shadow takes things to the next level. (We're forever getting inspired by "goth" makeup here at Byrdie.)

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Royal Blush

We're all for a monochrome look. The deep blush eyeshadow (complemented by a dose of shimmer) combined with pink lips and cheeks is chef's kiss. Bonus points for the matching pink top, too.

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All the Drama

"Soft Glam" might be somewhat of a misnomer, because you certainly don't have to keep things "soft." In fact, you definitely should bring the drama sometimes, because this palette is ready and able—just check out this dramatic and metallic winged-liner look.

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Classic Cat-Eye

You can't go wrong with classic cat-eye liner—and this dramatic winged look still feels fresh with a subtle sweep of shimmery shadow from the Soft Glam Palette. Also, can we talk about her highlighter here, too? Totally on point.

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'90s Vibes

The Soft Glam Palette is chock-full of earthy nudes and browns, which makes it the perfect accessory for all your future '90s looks. The hoops and mahogany lipstick are just the cherry on top for this gorgeous throwback glam.

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Go for the Gold

This look is certainly deserving of a medal. Try it for yourself—and look like you just returned from a monthlong sabbatical in St. Tropez—by sweeping the shimmery bronze shade up to your brow bone, lining only your top lids with black eyeliner, and whipping out your bronzer and bronzer brush for an extra dose of glowiness. Then, go off.

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