Sofia Vergara Takes a Makeup-Free Selfie, Looks WAY Younger

Sofia Vergara tops our list of celebs who never age, right up there with J.Lo and Gwen Stefani. And yet, the actress took things a step further on Sunday night by posting an Instagram of herself looking about two decades younger than her actual age—sans makeup. Yes, Vergara has done the impossible by posting a #nomakeupselfie—the holy grail of all celebrity selfies—wherein she actually resembles a teenager. The caption reads, “A little sun before heading to Mexico lindooooo today!!!” and features a poreless, wrinkle-free Vergara with tousled vacation hair and no hint of eye shadow, mascara, or lipstick. Clearly, Vergara is an exceptional skin agerdoesn’t make us any less jealous. If there’s any motivation to kick our habit of falling asleep with makeup on, this is it.

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