Exclusive: Sofia Vergara Shares Her Bridal Beauty Secrets

With her wedding roughly a month away, we’d forgive Sofia Vergara for being a little stressed out. We’d also forgive her if she weren’t keen on revealing the look she has planned—we know that some brides, particularly those who have the world watching their every move, would prefer to keep this under wraps. But as we probably could have predicted from the notoriously vivacious actress, our chat with Vergara last week was full of surprises and revelations. No, she’s not at all worried about her bridal beauty look—after all, years of red carpet appearances have basically served as a comprehensive trial run for her big day. And as for what she has planned? Sure, she’ll tell us all about it—and throw in some tips for good measure. 

From her key tricks to making makeup last all day to the thing she’ll NEVER share with fiancé Joe Manganiello, keep reading for Vergara’s bridal beauty secrets, as well as tips from her makeup artist, Kayleen McAdams.

Have you kind of decided on your own wedding beauty look yet? 

Sofia Vergara: We’ve been talking about it. Because [McAdams and I] work together a lot, we don’t have to really do a trial, because that’s what we do together—she does my makeup. But I think we are going to stick to what I know works for me. I don’t want to do the virginal bride look. And of course some brides like a very natural look, but I don’t like that—so we are going to do something that is a little bit more modern. 

Before you even think about your makeup, it’s obviously important to have a smooth canvas. How do you take care of your skin?

Vergara: Because of my job, I always have to keep up. You know, I am older now, so I try to use things that are good for my skin, and I try to drink a lot of water. I never, never go out without sunblock, because I don’t want to tan my face anymore. I do facials when I can—not as often as I should, but I try. And when I hear anybody commenting that a product is good or beneficial, I buy it. I love trying everything: I love products, I love makeup, and I try to take care of myself as much as I can. 

Is there one product that you’ve come across recently that you just fell in love with? 

Vergara: Covergirl’s Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation ($10) has solved many of the problems that Kayleen and I have: We don’t have to reapply a lot, we don’t have to take too much care of it, and we don’t have to put any powder on top. During the day that we’re doing a 12- or 16-hour shoot, we just apply more foundation on top and it works perfectly. And Covergirl Mascara ($6)—even as a young girl living in Colombia, I used to wear it. As far as creams, I love La Mer and Dr. Obagi. I really like to try a lot of different things. 

On the day of the wedding, do you have plans for any kind of beauty emergency kit in case anything goes wrong or if you need to touch up? 

Vergara: Of course! I always have my handbag with me, so I will have a big bag with me in my suite for any reapplying.

Kayleen McAdams: I will be there with her too, so I can just carry a full arsenal of things!

What do you think is the one mistake that brides tend to make when it comes to beauty?

McAdams: I think that brides don’t think about their makeup and how it’s going to photograph in different lighting. When they do their trial run, they should think about how it looks with the iPhone flash, try it on video, in sunlight, in more low light. Because you want to make sure that it is never going to look chalky in any of the different settings. 

How about making sure it lasts all day? What do you think is key for making sure the makeup stays on during a wedding or any kind of big event?

Vergara: We know that it is going to be a long day, so we always try to wear makeup that we know is going to last. It’s always good to have a little mirror with powder to make sure you’re well put together. And I think you should reapply every time you eat or do something if you are taking pictures and doing all of that. 

Do you have any favorite tips or tricks in general that you’ve picked up over the years?

Vergara: I think older women should study themselves and learn what is good for them, rather than try things that are out there just for the fashionability of it. Find things that are good for you that go with your skin color, your lips, and the type of eye that you have—and stick to it. I don’t think makeup is something you do just for fashion—you just have to look good, glowy, and fresh. 

I know exactly what looks good on me no matter if I’m using a new makeup artist and they want to pluck my eyebrows out or put a gray eye shadow on me—I know that it doesn’t make me look good. I already know that I have to speak out and say no. I have been working for 25 years, and I know what looks good on me. So I think it is important to know what looks good on you personally. 

We have to ask: Does your fiancé ever steal any of your beauty or skincare products? 

Vergara: No, of course not! I don’t share my beauty products! [Laughs.]

What do you think of Vergara’s makeup tricks or what she has planned for her big day? Do you have any bridal beauty advice of your own? Sound off in the comments below!