Sofia Richie's Milky Wedding Nails Were Courtesy of This $12 Polish

Here's how to get her classic mani.

Sofia Richie


Wedding season is upon us, and model Sofia Richie started it off on a high note. She took to the French Riviera to marry her husband, Elliott Grainge, in a now-viral wedding. Richie created a TikTok just for the occasion, and took us behind the scenes for her 'fit checks and GRWM videos leading up to the big day. Her looks were an all-white dream from head to toe, and even her glam team took to the app to share in-depth breakdown videos of her full beauty looks (including legendary makeup artist Patti Dubroff revealing the products she used on the star). Her manicurist, Georgia Rae, joined in and revealed the exact nail polishes she used for Richie's wedding nails.

Sofia Richie at her wedding dinner


Rae created two different manicures for the newlywed: a milk bath manicure for the rehearsal dinner, and then a subtle lip gloss manicure for the big day. For both looks, Rae prepped the nails using Navy Professional Tools to push Richie’s cuticles back and create a short, soft square end, which Rae reveals is Richie’s signature manicure shape.

For the rehearsal dinner, Rae says, “we toyed with the idea of doing a solid white but I’m so glad we went with this [milky white]—it’s so stunning and I think we made the best decision.” Rae applied one coat of OPI Lacquer in Funny Bunny ($12), mentioning, “I decided to do one coat because it allowed Sofia’s natural skin tone to come through and almost created a custom shade for her.”

As far as Richie’s actually wedding day nails go, Rae mentions that it took a village (read: herself, Richie, and Richie’s bridal party) to pin down the perfect polish for her soft lip gloss nails. Richie wanted something that was “peachy/pink but still a sheer nude,” and after swatching multiple shades, Rae landed on the Bio Sculpture Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish in Sweet Candy Breath ($13).

Rae applied two coats of the polish onto Richie’s nails and says that “this complements her skin tone so well,” since it offered a pale pink nude that made her nails look natural yet glistening and flawless. Once her nails were dry, Rae applied Chanel skincare products “to nourish the skin but not have [her hands] look oily or greasy.”

The results were two manicures that any bride-to-be should save as inspo—but make no mistake, these manicures work for anyone, planned nuptials or not. Minimalism, a la the my nails but better (or MNBB) manicure trend and “quiet luxury,” is quickly coming after both beauty and fashion aesthetics, and the MNBB nail is ideal for nails that look perfect and expensive, yet subtle. What’s better, you won’t have to drop a pretty penny for the look—you can opt for either of the affordable nail polishes Rae used, or better yet, try a sheer pink or white you probably already have on hand.

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