This Body Scrub Smells Better Than Any Dessert I've Ever Had

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

Olivia Muenter

Though I like to tell myself that I keep my beauty product collection to a must-have selection these days (rather than collecting dozens of lotions and potions that I’ll never use), bath products are admittedly a different story. There’s something that feels soothing about investing in a bubble bath, shower oil, or scrub with the intention of treating yourself at some distant point in the future. Needless to say, I’m no stranger to the concept of going to Target for eggs and leaving with four new products to line the shelves of my shower. It was one of these types of trips that resulted in me purchasing Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Club ($14). Truth be told, this time the purchase was because I was about to get my very first spray tan and a body scrub was suggested as a pre-tan treatment. I wasn’t looking to spend a ton of money, so I chose the Smoothie Star scrub at random, expecting nothing special. And then I opened it in the shower. 


  • Best. Smell. Ever
  • Affordable price
  • Unbelievably good reviews
  • Promises to smooth dry, rough, and bumpy skin


  • May be too sweet-smelling for some
  • Can be easy to go through the product quickly

The Bottom Line:

Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub is a soothing and surprisingly effective part of my weekly self-care routine now. 

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub


BEST FOR: Any type of skin, but especially rough or dry skin

USES: Smoothing and exfoliating body

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, sweet almond seed extract, banana extract

BYRDIE CLEAN: No, contains PEGs

PRICE: $14

ABOUT THE BRAND: Soap & Glory is a British-based brand producing beauty, body, and bath products for a customer on a budget.

About My Skin: Dry with KP

I’ve dealt with dry skin occasionally over the years (especially during the winter months), but my main struggle when it comes to body care is the common condition keratosis pilaris, which causes rough, bumpy skin on the back of my arms.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub $14.00

The Feel: Not sticky or scratchy

This product feels like a traditional sugar scrub, but has none of the sticky or scratchiness that some scrubs tend to have. Imagine sugar mixed with a generous portion of honey and oil—that’s what this scrub feels like. 

The Value: Affordable

You can find this scrub for just below $14 at Target, though it seems to be priced around $15 on most other e-commerce sites that it’s available on. It’s tempting to use a lot of this when you’re in the shower (and it can easily slip off your hands if you aren’t careful), but if you use it about once a week or so, it can last for quite a long time, making it a great value.

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub
Olivia Muenter

The Scent: Comforting, sweet, warm

Think of the most comforting, sweet (though, more sweet like your favorite homemade banana bread than, say, candy), makes-your-mouth-water scent you can imagine, and you have this body scrub. As someone who doesn’t love super sweet products in general, I would have been skeptical about this scent described on paper. But trust me: It is glorious. A few reviewers described the smell as like maple syrup, which is a good comparison. To me, it’s more like bread, butter, vanilla, and a bit of cinnamon mixed in. According to the brand’s description, the product does indeed have a “warm maple scent,” but also includes bananas, almond, and honey extracts. If you like the smell of dessert, then odds are you’ll like the smell of this. 

The Results: Smooth and moisturized

This scrub doesn’t get rid of every single bump, but it does make my arms noticeably more smooth and moisturized (especially if I apply a shower oil after using the scrub). Right now, I use the scrub about once a week (mostly just to make it last as long as possible), but if I skip a week I immediately notice a difference in the texture of my arms. 

Similar Products: You have options

If this product doesn’t seem like it will work for you, there are a lot scrubs out there at a variety of price points (and a lot of sweet-smelling ones, too) that include similar ingredients to the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.

Purely Elizabeth Coconut Sugar Body Scrub ($39)

Tahitian Vanilla Bean Sugar Scrub ($10)

Lalicious Extraordinary Whipped Sugar Scrub ($38)

Our Verdict: Buy it

If you’re looking for a product that makes your skin feel baby soft while making your shower smell like you just baked a batch of the best cookies ever, this is for you.

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