The Best Snowflake Nail Designs to Wear Through Winter

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Winter is here and with it's blustery winds and low temps comes the need to update our beauty routines. While having to switch skincare products and tailor our haircare regimens may be anything but exciting, having an opportunity to upgrade our nails with seasonal hints can be a whole lot of fun. It's because of this that snowflake nails are growing in popularity on social media.

The icy, often white- and silver-tinted nail looks sometimes feature actual snowflake designs, while other examples harness the trend in hue alone. So, whether you're looking for a cool way to elevate your nails this winter or you have a soft spot for the delicate beauty of literal snowflakes, you'll likely want to hop on this nail trend ASAP.

And don't worry, we'd never leave you in the dark. That's why, below, you'll discover the best snowflake nail designs Instagram has to offer. Where some can be recreated at home others will undoubtedly require a professional nail artist's assistance.

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Standalone Snowflake

Snowflake nails will look intricate even without a ton of effort. Here, you can see how a single statement nail featuring the design can make quite the impact. Best of all, you can recreate it by dipping a toothpick in white polish and tracing on a simple snowflake design. 

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Red Snowflakes

While many snowflake nail designs are white or silver, you can absolutely tailor the base shade to your preference. Here, you can see how merry a red and gold layering can look.

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Snowflake Shimmers

Remember: Snowflake nails can be more about a vibe than actual snowflake designs. With that in mind, buy a bottle of essie’s Enamel Nail Polish ($9) in Twinkle in Time.

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Snowflakes and Dots

Why stop at snowflakes when you can apply chunky glitter dots to mimic the look of falling snow?

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Mix-and-Match Snowflakes

More of a mix-and-match person? With a different pale shimmering shade on each nail, you can still hold true to the snowflake trend. 

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Rose Gold Snowflakes

Rose gold nail polish makes for a stunning base. Top it off with white dots and snowflakes—both of which can be created with a dotting tool or toothpick—to complete the look.

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Chrome Snowflakes

Hoping for a more neutral-meets-negative space idea? Start with a clear or nude polish and then paint snowflakes in the metallic shade of your choosing.

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Velvet Snowflake Mani

Intricate snowflakes paired with another of the year’s top nail trends? We’re sold. 

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Minimalist Snowflakes

Another negative space idea is to paint only partial snowflakes on each nail. While taking up less nail real estate, the design will remain just as Insta-worthy.

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Subtle Shimmer

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Subtle Snowflake Shimmer

An allover semi-holographic shimmer will do the trick, too. And, it just so happens to be one of the easiest ways to obtain a snowflake-inspired nail look. 

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Confetti Snowflake Nails

If a few sparkles just doesn’t cut it, consider going all out with holographic confetti and silver foil snowflake decals. 

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Glitter Snow

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French Tip Snowflake Nails

Add a bold pop of bright blue to really make your snowflake nail design stand out. We love how the nails with snowflakes are French tips, giving the overall nail look an even more elevated vibe.

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Glittery Snowflake Nails

Speaking of French tips, sticking true to all white polish is just as gorgeous of a choice. Whether you opt for rounded, square, or squoval nails, you simply can’t go wrong with this whimsical nail idea.

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City Snow

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