Snif Released "Situational" Scents for Every Mood, And I'm Obsessed

I tried Snif's latest limited-edition collection.

Snif Limited-Edition Collection Two


Fragrances will always have a special place in my heart. Unlike most people who purchase high-fashion magazines to browse the latest trends, my teenage obsession consisted of marveling at all the glamorous perfume ads. I loved tearing open each and every scratch-and-sniff sample pad to get a whiff of the newest scents available at the cosmetic counter.  

When I think back, my love for fragrance began in elementary school. To date, I cannot walk past a bakery and not think about my mother’s vanilla-infused signature scent trailing behind her as she headed off to work. I even used to spritz my entire uniform with her fragrance to emulate her command of a room (sorry, Mom!).

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve built a fragrance wardrobe—I love a combination of sweet and floral notes—that my adolescent self could only dream of. However, the hunt is never over for a self-proclaimed fragrance enthusiast. 

The Scents

Snif Limited Edition Collection Two Samples


Always looking to add something new to my daily rotation, I was delighted to learn about the second limited-release collection from Snif, featuring three genderless scents: Poppy Issues ($65), Sweet Ash ($65), and Honorable Mention ($65). Rather than traditional everyday fragrances meant to be worn for a full season, these "situational scents" are made with different moods and different attitudes in mind.

Similar to the feeling of holiday gifts arriving in the mail, I had a complete fan-out moment when a variety box featuring the brand’s new additions showed up at my door. Presented in convenient (and stylish) bottles, each scent is enticing and playful, without being overwhelming. Ideal for any fragrance aficionado.

My Review

Poppy Issues may be a bit on the musky side for my personal preference, but I found it especially delightful on my father—who often boasts of colognes with spicy notes of saffron, amber woods, and musk.

On the other hand, Sweet Ash embodied the sweetness of patchouli, vanilla bean, and white moss that I often search for when purchasing a new scent. 

Although each one caught my attention for different reasons, my personal favorite of the trio was most definitely Honorable Mention. Reminiscent of a breezy day on the beach, the vibe of the new scent is best described as warm and fresh. I really appreciated the delicate notes of peach, jasmine tea, and orange blossom that have me excited for summer. The scent even promises to meet my childhood goal of turning heads with its unique notes.

Product Picks

How It Works

Snif offers bundle kits that feature three full-sized bottles, which you're able to try for seven days. You keep what you love and send back what you don't. The scents cost $65 per bottle if you pick just one favorite or $150 if you choose to keep all three.

Overall, the experience of receiving and testing the latest Snif products was exciting. I truly enjoyed trying all three fragrances from the comfort of my home. You too can immerse yourself in the invigorating experience of the perfume counter at home through Snif.

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