The Best Snapchat Accounts for Workout Inspiration

We know that social media can be a treasure trove for inspiration of all sorts. While Instagram and Pinterest are obvious choices for inspo (hello makeup tutorials and secret wedding boards), another popular channel that isn't always tapped into is Snapchat. When it comes to staying fit, the multimedia messaging app is a straightforward option for anyone looking to seamlessly power charge their fitness lifestyle within their regular social media intake.

We've said before how Snapchat can be life-changing for anyone looking to get their daily beauty fix or get the real deal on their favorite products. It's also the perfect way to get served a regular dose of fitspiration, packed with engaging clips of various ways to break a sweat and lead a healthy lifestyle—if you follow the right people. Adding a few key accounts to your Snapchat lineup will be like having a collection of coaches cheering you on while you work toward your fitness goals. In addition to giving you all the moves you'll be able to add to your repertoire, the fitness gurus will give you a glimpse into their lives outside of the gym, showing health is all about balance.

Keep reading to discover which accounts to follow for that extra boost of fitness inspiration.