Try On The Hottest Beauty & Fashion Launches From Your Phone

Snapchat is Changing How You Shop This Holiday Season

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Things are beginning to feel very festive: Holiday lights are up, snow is falling (well, depending where in the world you live), and the gift wrap is finally emerging from its dusty corner of the storage closet. Magic! Well, except for maybe that last part, because shopping for what’s going inside that gift wrap can get really stressful, really quick. Tack that onto our already miles-long to-do list, and it’s enough to give even the merriest of us a mini crisis.

We think that’s a bummer, because we all know some of the best products of the year are launching for holiday—and we deserve to treat ourselves, too. But who’s got time to endlessly scroll through miles of shades and styles, let alone hit the store to try them on?

We’ve got a solution, and it involves augmented reality. For real: We partnered with Snapchat to create Lenses that allow you try on four of the season’s hottest beauty and fashion releases straight from your phone. Simply scan the Snapcode with the Snapchat camera to be teleported directly into the experience, seeing how you look in these must-have items. Ready to dive into a gift guide unlike any other.

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NYX Cosmetics: The XXL Lip Lingerie

NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie

This magic matte formula isn’t called Lip Lingerie for nothing. Like the best shapewear, it molds to and accentuates your shape—in this case, your lip shape. Best of all, the formula flexes to your every motion, so it won’t crack or flake like so many liquid lipsticks do.

Not sure which shade to snag? This is where Snapchat comes in. Put on your go-to holiday party outfit, flip to your selfie cam, and fire up the XXL Lip Lingerie Lens to see how you look in some of the most popular shades. A few Byrdie faves: Sizzlin’, a warm mahogany red that screams holiday, and Knockout, a bubblegum pink that so doesn’t. We love something unexpected.

NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie Snap lens

Scan & unlock the Lens, or tap to shop

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Shein: Sheglam Matte Allure Liquid Lipstick

Shein Sheglam

We shop Shein for party outfits like it’s our job, but did you know they have a killer, affordable beauty line too? We’re especially smitten with this liquid lipstick, which refuses to budge all night long. The formula’s packed with high-intensity pigments and sunflower extract, a power ingredient for nourishing and fighting fine lines. The result: bold color that feels like literally nothing.

Try on shades like Millionaire, a perfect dusty rose, or Momojo, an uber-flattering mauve-y pink, with the SheGlam Matte Allure Liquid Lipstick Lens. The filter even comes equipped with skin blurring and a sparkly background with a lip motif so you can get a sneak preview of how you’ll look at all those glamorous holiday parties—or, at least, so you can take your snap to the next level.

Shein Sheglam Snap Lens

Scan & unlock the Lens, or tap to shop

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Tory Burch: The Tory Sneaker

Tory Burch sneakers

We love an accessory that combines form and function, and the Tory Sneaker is it. Chic leather and suede in the most eye-catching teal hue, plus thoughtful details like an elastic ankle and the comfiest soles we’ve ever laid our feet on, add up to footwear heaven. You can tell yourself it’s motivation to jump-start your workout routine in the new year, but let’s be real: If you just wear these kicks for fashion, it’ll be more than worth it.

We’d totally understand if you wanted to test-run the Tory Sneaker with your favorite matching jogger and crop top set, which is why Snapchat developed the Tory Sneaker Lens. Just extend your legs, point the camera toward your feet, choose your size, and add to cart. We’re feeling on top of our fitness game—and on-trend—already.

Tory Burch Snapcode

Scan & unlock the Lens, or tap to shop

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Kaja: Heart Melter Lipstick

Kaja heart meter

Okay, so Kaja wasn’t kidding when they named this lipstick Heart Melter. Do you see this bullet?! It’s officially the cutest thing in our makeup bag. Turns out our lip products should have been heart-shaped all along, because the top of the heart is ideal for swiping color on just beneath our Cupid’s bow, and the rounded edges perfectly hug our lip line. Bonus points for the buttery feel, shiny finish, and moisturizing argan and plum seed oils.

Speaking of shine, that’s just what you’ll do in the Heart Melter Lipstick Snapchat Lens. Come to check yourself out in Too Hot, a flirty cherry red, and stay for the limitless everyday nude options, like So Fine, a cinnamon with a flash of pink, or Let’s Chill, a cool rose. Just don’t forget to snap the evidence to that cute someone you’ve been talking to. (Mistletoe, anyone?)


Scan & unlock the Lens, or tap to shop