10 Tattoo Artists Who Specialize in Pretty (But Minimal) Ink

Updated 07/07/19

Intimidated by the commitment of a tattoo? These all-star artists (and their amazing Instagram feeds) just might be able to sway your thoughts on the matter, thanks to their expertise in miniature, cool, and downright beautiful ink. From the man behind Cara Delevingne's tongue-in-cheek body art to the cult-fave L.A.-based artist who creates the most intricate diminutive sketches we've ever seen, consider this the ultimate in small-tattoo inspiration.


Dr. Woo

Home Base: Hideaway at Suite X, Los Angeles

Instagram: @dr_woo_ssc

It girls like Zoë Kravitz, Miley Cyrus, and Emily Weiss love Dr. Woo for his impossibly delicate designs, which range from hyper-realistic renderings of animals to teeny-tiny letters.


Victor J. Webster

Home Base: East River Tattoo, New York (formerly of Auckland, New Zealand)

Instagram: @victorjwebster

Webster's tattoos make a good alternative to jewelry—think arm wraps and delicate shoulder cuffs in geometric patterns and nature-inspired designs. 



Home Base: Tokyo and Melbourne

Instagram: @m_i_s_o_

Stanislava Pinchuk (who goes by Miso) specializes in teeny-tiny minimalist designs—which she learned by practicing on herself and her friends. Just one look at her feed makes us want to adorn our wrists, fingers, and collarbone with unexpected (but incredibly pretty) little symbols.


Sven Rayen

Home Base: Studio Palermo, Antwerp, Belgium

Instagram: @svenrayen

Even though Europe-based Rayen might be halfway the world away for a lot of us, we definitely have our eye on his unique aesthetic: using geometric shapes to create the illusion of dimension.


Scott Campbell

Home Base: Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn

Instagram: @scottcampbell

Campbell has inked plenty of A-listers (Courtney Love, Marc Jacobs, Orlando Bloom) and even married one too (Lake Bell). His highly realistic illustrations (on skin and paper) have earned him major acclaim throughout his career.


Minka Sicklinger

Instagram: @minkasicklinger

Obsessed with mysticism, or looking to capture the essence of your spirit animal? Sicklinger's gorgeous, symbol-laden designs just might be what you're looking for. 


Lisa Orth

Instagram: @lisaorth

We love Orth's illustrative aesthetic, which is made using a detailed, linework style of tattooing. 



Home Base: West 4 Tattoo, New York City

Instagram: @jonboytattoo

When Kendall Jenner wanted to get a nearly indiscernible white dot on the inside of her finger, she enlisted the help of JonBoy. Thanks to Jenner (and A-list friends like Hailey Baldwin), the artist's small and simple designs are quickly becoming cult favorites. 


East Iz

Home Base: Shamrock Social Club, Los Angeles

Instagram: @east_01

East (as well as many other artists on this list) specializes in a single-needle technique, hence that lighter-than-air line. He's your guy for whisper-thin cursive or outlines, as well as pointillist-style shading. (And those BFF palm trees? SO cute!)


Bang Bang

Home Base: Bang Bang, New York City

Instagram: @bangbangnyc

The go-to guy of Rihanna and Cara Delevingne—he's the man who inked "Bacon" and "Made in England" onto the bottoms of the model's feet—Bang Bang is great at tongue-in-cheek designs, but his small and incredibly realistic art is also fantastic (like the lion on Delevingne's finger). If you have plans to be in the city, booking an appointment with Bang Bang himself will require more than a bit of a wait—but we definitely recommend checking out his incredibly talented team of artists too. 

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