11 Tattoo Artists Who Specialize in Pretty Ink

Intimidated by the commitment of a tattoo? These all-star artists (and their amazing Instagram feeds) just might be able to sway your thoughts on the matter. Trust us—their expertise in downright beautiful and cool small tattoo ideas is not to be missed. In fact, more than 40% of millennial adults have tattoos. This likely has to do with the stigma of tattoos fading into the past, but it's also because dainty ink designs are trending. (We're talking tiny bouquets of flowers, outlines of birds, and cosmological scenes.) In the market for small-tattoo ideas? From the man behind Cara Delevingne's tongue-in-cheek body art to the cult-fave L.A.-based artist who creates intricate diminutive sketches, consider this the best of tiny tattoo inspiration.