The Best Silk Scrunchies of 2018

three silk scrunchies


If you're like me, you know that it's incredibly easy to get caught in a rut when it comes to styling your hair. It happens when your go-to style becomes less of a preference and more of a necessity because you're either running short on time, dry shampoo, or let's be real, motivation. I can only wear my hair in a topknot so many times before it starts to feel bland and, frankly, boring.

It's at this point that I turn to hair accessories. Adding a headband, scarf, or clip is an easy way to feel a little more put-together and a little less "I was running so late that I honestly don't remember if I brushed my hair this morning." For me, the hair accessory that's done that most recently is the Leonor Greyl Silver Barette ($20), which is the simplistic French-girl hair clip of my dreams. But now I have another accessory to add to my growing collection. It comes from Slip, the brand that brought silk pillowcases and eye masks to the mainstream. I'm talking about scrunchies, but not just any scrunchies. They're made with the same protective, high-quality silk of the products that came before them. They're sleek and shiny, like 2018's revamped take on the classic '90s trend.

Slip Large Scrunchie 3 Pack in Multicolor $39

The brand uses high-quality, long-fiber mulberry silk to create these sophisticated scrunchies. Aside from looking shiny and modern, the silk also protects the hair. It cuts down on friction and tension that's associated with traditional elastic hair ties since it has a natural slippery feel. As a result, these scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage. Plus, they don't create those telltale ridges in your hair after you remove them. Aside from all the hair benefits, we think they look amazing even when they're not being worn. There's just something about wearing a silk scrunchie around your wrist that a traditional elastic can't compare to. Don't you agree?

The scrunchies come in two sizes—small or large. If you have fine hair or you aren't used to the fabric feel, the small option is probably best for you. If you have thick hair or you yearn for the bulky eye-catching scrunchies of yesteryear, then the large would likely suit you best.

Whichever size you choose, the scrunchies come in three colors. There's black, caramel, and a soft blush pink. The latter is our personal preference since it basically looks like it was made for a Gen-Z Instagram feed. If you can't choose a color (we don't blame you), then opt for one of the multi-packs, which feature three scrunchies—one in each shade. C'est chic, non?

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