Yes, Your Haircut Can Make Your Face Look Slimmer—Here Are 7 to Try

Styling your hair according to trends is the fun part, but not every messy half-bun or sleek, high-gloss ponytail works for every face shape. The struggle to find flattering hairstyles for full cheeks and round faces is, as they say, real. In fact, for years I styled my hair with the same sideswept bangs and long, beachy waves because I thought that was the only style that made my face look like anything other than a bowling ball. I sighed with longing at the sight of my oval-faced friends’ effortless ponytails and topknots, knowing that on me, these styles just wouldn’t look right.

But in reality, there are scores of hairstyles for women who want to slim and elongate their faces: updos, braids, ponies, and beyond. The key to making them work for you lies in the details. To find out exactly what those details are, we consulted Michael Sparks, celebrity stylist and co-owner of Malibu’s Cie Sparks Salon, as well as Heather Hall, owner and head stylist at Knstruct Salon in San Diego.

“Remember that softness around the face is key,” says Sparks. “To make your face appear slimmer, try to keep as much body and volume as possible. Tousled and wavy looks are essential. Avoid slick looks.” With Sparks’s advice in mind, we put together this list. Here are seven easy face-slimming hairstyles (no contouring required).

This story was originally published on November 2, 2016, and has since been updated.