The Surprising Reason You Shouldn't Sleep on Your Stomach


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Unless you're a still sleeper, it might be difficult to peg yourself as a certain type of sleeper; Are you a belly sleeper? A side sleeper? Do you sleep fully on your back? Each positioning says something about your personality (so we've discovered). Like myself, you may toss and turn—sleep is truly a very complex beast. But The Huffington Post recently pointed out that your sleep position may be even more complex than you thought (belly sleepers, we're looking at you).

For those who sleep face-down, you may be aware of the issue of face wrinkles because you're quite literally smooshing your face into your pillow, but turns out, back problems and acne are possible side effects of belly-sleeping, too.

Shawn Stevenson, author of Sleep Smarter ($17) says that sleeping on your stomach can misalign your spine: "If you're laying flat on your belly with your head smashed into the pillow, chances are, you're going to end up with some neck problems. It can also be an issue with your skin—smashing your face down for hours can create some early onset wrinkling and acne as well."

If you're a chronic belly sleeper and worried you're doomed to a lifetime of neck problems, wrinkles, and acne, never fear—Stevenson says you can actually change your positioning, even when you're in a deep sleep.

"We've programmed ourselves to sleep certain ways, and we can change this programming," he explains. Grab a copy of his book to find out how!

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