Here's What Sleeping in Makeup Actually Does to Your Skin: A Visual



You know the drill: You just came home from a late night of drinking and dancing with your friends, and there it is—your comfy bed, waiting for you to crash into it and pass out until morning. Nowhere in that scenario did we mention that you've washed your face because let's face it—the bed was calling your name. Sound familiar? For some of us, it's all too routine, even on regular nights when we're just too tired to stumble into the bathroom and wash the day's look off. If only they'd invent makeup that removed itself…

So while we're told time and time again that sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things you could do to your skin (next to baking in the sun), we decided to investigate what a makeup-filled slumber is actually doing to our complexions. The result? Scary stuff, folks. Take a look at the visual below of what happens when you don't wash your face, as explained by Dr. Sue Ann Wee of Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC. 

If you're a faithful face-washer and have only slipped up a few times, don't worry. According to Dr. Wee, "One or two days of not cleansing is unlikely to have long-term negative effects, but developing the habit of not gently cleansing makeup off can compromise the ability of your skin to age well and the overall health of your skin."

So what can you do to stop all of these skin-related issues from happening? Easy. Wash your makeup off! Says Dr. Wee, "During deep sleep, there is a boost in healing hormones such as growth hormone and melatonin, resulting in more rapid rates of cellular regeneration and repair, and sleeping with makeup on may hinder these processes in many ways, as mentioned previously. Gently cleansing makeup off and applying beneficial cosmeceuticals and moisturizers to the skin help one to maximize the skin's enhanced repair and renewal processes during sleep."

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So tell us: How often do you skip washing your face? Go ahead—be honest!