Science Says Listening to This Type of Music Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster


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Hell hath no fury like a woman who hasn't gotten enough sleep: We're irritable, we're cranky, and unless we've ingested a fair amount of caffeine, you're better off keeping your distance. That's why getting the recommended eight hours (or more) is so crucial every night, not just for the safety of others but to help repair our skin, keep off excess weight, and be overall better-functioning human beings. As integral as sleep is to our health, it's a shame that many of us have a hard time actually venturing into Sleepville. Insomnia, racing thoughts, and other sleep-inhibiting factors are all too common, and we need help.

Cue the music—no, really. Studies show that listening to music before falling asleep can help improve sleep quality, extend sleep duration, and reduce sleep disturbance. The reasoning? Trouble falling asleep is often attributed to stress and anxiety keeping the mind awake, and thus, music acts a distraction and means of relaxation.

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