Sleep Deprivation Is Serious—Here Are 7 Possible Health Effects to Prove It

I would describe my relationship with sleep as "It's complicated." I go through phases in which I'm in bed by 10 every night, book in hand, dozing off pleasantly. On the flip side, there are those times when I'm sitting up in bed, laptop shining bright, stressfully answering emails only to fall into a fitful sleep minutes later. The former results in a bright-eyed and well-rested adult. The latter results in an overly caffeinated and frazzled mess of a human.

That basically sums up everything I know about the importance of sleep. More specifically, I know that when my sleep routine is healthy, I work like a well-oiled machine. When it's not, I feel the emotional and physical distress that usually results from a viewing of The Notebook. According to Business Insider, there's a reason for that. Sleep deprivation sets us up for some serious health risks, including a greater risk for various diseases, mood disorders, and more. Keep scrolling to see seven health effects of sleep deprivation.