Tutorial: How to Do the Kendall Jenner Topknot in 30 Seconds

Oh, the Kendall Jenner topknot. A look so ubiquitous it needs no further explanation. So influential, in fact, its popularity has spread throughout Hollywood. Of course, the topknot is nothing new. (We’ve been sporting the look since long before Jenner started walking runways.) But there’s no denying Jenner has put her own unique stamp on it. The key can be summed up in one word: sleek. Like her ponytails and center-parted styles, this topknot is smooth, sleek, and high shine. How do you ensure no hair falls out of place? It’s simple, really, and hair guru Anh Co Tran showed us how.

Scroll through for a three-step GIF tutorial that’ll take you 30 seconds or less!

Paley Fairman


This works best if your hair is smooth to begin, but a bit of texture is fine too—you’ll be pulling the bun taut, which will flatten any kinks. If frizz is a factor, run a bit styling cream through your strands before you begin. The Finishing Crème ($24) from Ouai (the line started by Jenner’s go-to hairstylist, Jen Atkin) is perfect for taming flyaways.

Paley Fairman


  1. First, flip your head over and brush your hair into a high ponytail (Tran recommends using a boar bristle brush, like Mason Pearson’s Handy Mixture Nylon and Boar Bristle Brush, $175). Make it smooth and tight.
  2. Hold the last loop-through of your pony so a small loop stands up on the top of your head (if it flops to one side, your loop is too big), ends hanging down.
  3. Now, wrap the ends of your ponytail around the base of the bun, and pin it into the bun with a bobby pin.
Paley Fairman


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Credits: Hair by Anh Co Tran, Makeup by Stacey Tan, Photography by Paley Fairman, Modeled by Jessica Sikosek, Produced by Clique Studio

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