Heads-Up: This Cult-Fave UK Makeup Brand Just Landed at Ulta


Thumbelina Lillie

Here at Byrdie, few things excite us more than learning about international beauty products, secrets, and trends that haven’t quite made it stateside. From amazing Greek drugstore picks to the best beauty advice from Moroccan women, we always try to get our hands on the most beloved foreign products and pointers. This all being said, brands from the UK are often at the top of our most-coveted list, and they're definitely not always easy to obtain on this side of that Atlantic. But that's changing—at least when it comes to mega-popular British brand Sleek Makeup, which just landed at Ulta.

Sleek Makeup's products are versatile, skin tone–inclusive, and insanely budget-friendly. And now, 16 items from the brand are now available at the beauty mega store. Keep reading to learn more about this cult-favorite British brand that you're about to see everywhere—including your own vanity, perhaps?