This Unassuming Face Oil Cleared My Boyfriend's Skin—So Now I Use It Too

Updated 04/27/19
SkinOwl Macqui Berry Beauty Drops PM review

If you read my rundown of my boyfriend's expertly curated skincare routine, you'll know I have him using some pretty serious stuff. But I swear, when I made it my task to impart a supermodel type of glow on Harry's face, there was one clear product that made the most difference: SkinOwl's Macqui Berry Beauty Drops PM. In fact, I was so impressed with how it transformed his skin, I started pillaging a few drops here and there for myself.

SkinOwl Macqui Berry Beauty Drops PM review
SkinOwl Macqui Berry Beauty Drops PM $79

It took him some convincing to use it at first. You see, his skin is naturally fairly oily, so he (like so many of us) felt it was all too counterintuitive to slather his face with even more oil. Thankfully, after I explained that oil-based products can trick your skin into halting its sebum production, he came round to the idea and I swear, his skin has never looked dewier—even if he has no idea what that beauty term even means.

It wasn't a fluke—the main ingredient, macqui berry is hailed as one of the strongest antioxidants this planet has ever known. In fact, the brand claims it's more powerful than the much celebrated açaí berry, and thus is great at warding off free radicals. Macqui berry is also a potent source of vitamin C, a known skin brightener I've been slathering on my face for years. When Harry's complexion starts to look a little dull, this can lift it from its slumber.

SkinOwl Maqui Berry Beauty Drops PM review
Harry Isitt

The formula itself also contains tangerine and vanilla essential oils, which I'm pretty sure are the reason this product has managed to reduce the amount of grime in Harry's pores. Nowadays his complexion looks super clear and consistently glowy. So much so, I couldn't help myself but "borrow" his bottle for myself. We both use it in lieu of a night cream or serum, and simply massage a few drops into the face before bed. Dreamy.

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