9 Wise Beauty Tips From Byrdie Readers Over 40



We may be slightly biased, but we happen to think that Byrdie readers are some of the savviest beauty consumers in the world. You all ask us the most astute questions, call us out when we get something wrong, and even hit us with amazing beauty advice that we then get to write about. The relationship between editor and reader here at Byrdie is delightfully symbiotic, and we wouldn't be able to do our jobs anywhere near as well (or at all) without you lovely folks.

One of our favorite ways to interact with Byrdie readers is in our secret beauty-themed Facebook group, The Beauty Line (which you can read all about here). TBL is a community of beauty aficionados of all ages, and recently it occurred to us that we'd love to hear what our readers over 40 are doing these days to keep their beauty game strong. So we hopped on Facebook and tapped some over-40 Byrdie readers for their tried-and-true beauty and self-care tips. Interested to read their clever advice? Just keep on scrolling.