9 Genius Skincare Secrets From Byrdie's Male Readers


Milk Makeup

It's cool to watch how gender-inclusive the beauty community is becoming. One of my favorite things about being a beauty writer in the first place is that everyone gets to participate—there's nothing inherently "girly" about caring for your skin, and both the beauty industry and consumers are finally coming around to that. Big brands like CoverGirl and Milk Makeup have started using boys and gender-fluid models in their advertisements, and cool new unisex skincare brands are launching all the time. (Context and Plant Apothecary are a few favorites.)

As dudes are welcomed into the skincare conversation, it's got us thinking, what about the boys who read Byrdie? We're always engaging and swapping skincare tips with our female readers. So we thought it was high time we hear from our boys. To make that happen, we got in touch with a few of our guy followers on social media and asked them to share their best skincare advice. And we're so glad we did. Because these Byrdie boys offered a plethora of cool tips on how to make your own face oil, which drugstore brands make the best moisturizers, where to find amazing razors for cheap, and more.

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