Our 11 Favorite Skincare Products That Come in Stick Form

Listen, it's 2018, and we beauty consumers are busy people. Yes, we all want clear, radiant skin, but nobody has an hour to spend every night mixing together cumbersome cocktails of elixirs and delicately applying them like precious little angels. We have jobs. We're tired. We need our skincare like we need our coffee: fast but effective and not too expensive. If we could just install a permanent IV depositing caffeine and hyaluronic acid into our bloodstreams, we would.

But that's not possible. So thank goodness we have skincare sticks. We're talking about high-quality cleansers, toners, sunscreens, and more that brands have formulated in a solid stick form for easy and convenient transportation and application. Curious to see which skincare sticks we picky Byrdie editors swear by? Keep scrolling to shop them all.