5 Things Dermatologists Always Do Before Bedtime


Of a/Kind

We ask dermatologists for a lot of advice here at Byrdie—and not just because it's our job. We are genuinely (selfishly) interested in learning how best to care for our skin, and hearing professionals spill the best products and habits for looking #foreveryoung is as much a hobby as it is a career.

Of course, there are products and habits that dermatologists recommend, and then there are those that they use themselves. Recently it struck us: Why have we never forced our favorite, most trusted dermatologists to reveal exactly how they take care of their own skin?

First, we decided to focus on nighttime skincare routines. So, we contacted four top dermatologists and asked them to walk us through their honest nighttime skincare regimens. To our surprise, unlike some celebrities (or even Byrdie editors), their routines were delightfully simple. Read on to find out exactly what top dermatologists use on their skin each night.