Skin Stories: 20-Somethings Share Their Routines

Our skin grows up just as much as we do in our 20s: In the beginning, we're still dealing with the tail-end effects of puberty, and by 29, it might be time to employ some preventative measures against aging. From acne to itty-bitty fine lines, chances are you'll see it all. (And the good, too: Your skin is young, regenerative, and receptive.)

But what does skincare really look like for a regular 20-something (read: not a beauty editor)? We asked five women from ages 21 to 29—all with different skin types and routines—to detail exactly how they care for their complexions on a daily basis. Read their stories below.

Do any of these skincare routines look similar to your own? Tell us about your favorite products and tips in the comments below!